Jaishankar stated, ‘Indian who leaves the nation for work chances, Does With Confidence’


The Minister of External Affairs, S. Jaishankar, has expressed his respect for the contribution that the Indian diaspora has made to the improvement of India’s relations with people from other nations. He said that the Indian diaspora has been instrumental in working towards this goal.

According to statements made by the Minister of External Affairs, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, on Tuesday, Indians who are leaving the nation in search of employment possibilities elsewhere in the world are convinced that the current government would continue to provide for them even while they are away from the country.

According to the minister, who was speaking at an event in Seoul, an Indian who leaves the nation does so with a level of self-assurance that has never been seen before. This is something that has never been accomplished before. This is something that has never been seen before in the history of the world. With the assurance that “there is a government that will look after them, regardless of what happens out there,” the Indians now have the assurance that they will be protected from whatever may take place.

It was reported that the Minister of Foreign Affairs made the following statement: “That is a very big feeling because when we look at the state of the world, more and more Indians will explore global work opportunities.” It was the Minister of Foreign Affairs who was responsible for making this declaration.

Because the government has been making a concerted effort to bring back Indians who have become trapped in other countries that are engaged in violent conflict, the statements that were spoken by the minister take on significance when taken into consideration. This is not to mention the situation that exists between Russia and Ukraine. The government of India welcomed back hundreds of Indians who had become stranded in various sections of the country as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. In the past, these people had been unable to leave their residential areas.

Jaishankar heaped appreciation on the Indian diaspora during his whole talk, highlighting their dedication to the improvement of India’s links with other countries of the world. A further point that he brought up was the significance of the Indian diaspora. The following statement was made by the minister: “There will be certain students who travel to some other countries.” Participants will unquestionably consist of people who are currently working in jobs that are considered to be blue-collar jobs. It is anticipated that there will be the attendance of many professions. There will inevitably be individuals whose skills will be sought after by businesses located in various regions of the world. This is something that cannot be avoided in any way. Therefore, we need to instill confidence in them to do this. Over the past ten years, we have presented evidence that indicates this.

You are aware that there are, that in many respects your hearts and minds are, a large portion of it is continuously in India—this is something that you are aware of. You are familiar with the fact that there are. On the other hand, those who reside in jurisdictions other than India are likewise cognizant of this fact. It was stated that the minister made the following statement: “As a consequence of this, I am aware, and you are aware, that every one of you contributes, in your ways, to the development of our nation.” ANI cited this statement as the source of the information.

Every one of the occurrences that are taking place at home, the choices that we make, and the achievements that we achieve are all very much in your mind. I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to you today while also creating a sense of self-assurance in you. Taking everything into consideration, I would like to take this opportunity to show my thanks to you. He then continued by saying “I believe that we are currently on the right path, with the right leadership, doing the right thing, and becoming more prominent in the world.”

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