Jesuit official which protects the quality and integrity of religious life?

“However administrative law which protects the quality and integrity of religious life is within the competence of the major superior. The Society of Jesus is determined to maintain the highest standards of our ministry and the necessary measures are in place,” he said.

Verschueren stressed that “we don’t need to know the outcome of the penal proceeding for the taking preventive measures.” “And even if the DDF focus points are declared to be time-barred, it doesn’t affect our legal (administrative). perspective. Therefore, it is possible to impose measures that are proportionate, just and effective to ensure maximum security for the peoples of God.

Referrals confirmed by Jesuit bishop

Rupnik, a world-famous artist, has worked on projects at the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican, the Knights of Columbus National Shrine to John Paul I in Washington, D.C., the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de Almudena, Madrid, and the Fatima Shrine.

Rupnik created the logo for Pope Francis’ Jubilee of Mercy on Dec. 8, 2015. He also designed the official image of 2022’s 10th World Meeting of Families.

Rupnik, along with Sister Ivanka Hasta, was involved in the creation of the Loyola Community, a women’s religious institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in the 1990s.

After apparent conflicts with Sister Hosta, the Jesuit priest left the Loyola Community in 1993 and moved to Rome with several nuns to create the Aletti Center. This center was dedicated to the promotion and integration of religious art with Ignatian spirituality.

Former members of Loyola Community turned towards the Holy See in 2020 to report abuses that involved coercion or control. These abuses were reported by former Loyola Community members dating back to when Rupnik was the community’s Chaplain.

The Vatican appointed Bishop Daniele Libanori as the apostolic commissary. He was a Jesuit priest and auxiliary bishop of Rome. Libanori discovered that Rupnik had made sexual abuse allegations. He referred to the Vatican .

Libanori stated that the DDF was the competent authority in the Rupnik case, in a statement he made to ACI Prensa on Dec. 9.

“When a case has been presented, the authority to whom the complainant remits it sends it to an ordinary of the subject who is being investigated. The findings must be sent to competent dicastery once the investigation is complete. This in turn must decide how to proceed,” Libanori explained to ACI Prensa.

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He said that the Society of Jesus had done what it was required to do, and it did so in a way that made no impression of impropriety. He was referring to a Dominican priest who interviewed many people.

He stated, “As far as the competent dicastery at the time the investigation was the DDF.”

Libanori maintained, too, that the Loyola Community’s appointment of a commissioner has not been secret. He stated that the appointment of the Loyola Community commissioner has been made public by the Church. “I have informed all bishops in the dioceses where there is an institute house that I did.”

Are Rupnik’s restrictions being observed?

A second question is about the Vatican’s involvement with the Rupnik case: Are the Society of Jesus’s measures being followed?

According to the religious order, Rupnik was prohibited from conducting the Spiritual Exercises and forbidden from engaging in public activities without permission from his local superior.


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