John McAfee Net Worth 2022 ( Aug 2022 ) – The Essentials of John McAfee Wife 

What is the John McAfee Net worth 2022? The complete article is available below.

Are you familiar with the British Entrepreneur? He is also a computer programmer. The following information will tell you more about the famous British Entrepreneur. His net worth and the entrepreneur are well-known worldwide. It is important to know that he has other outstanding degrees than his profession.

John McAfee Net worth 2022 It’s easy to see that McAfee is an entrepreneur with a net worth $4 million. His company also sold antivirus software which earned him fame back in the 1970s.

What’s the latest?

This news is about the crypto entrepreneur, who even found McAfee associates. John was born 18 September to a British mother and an American soldier family. He was born in Virginia, the United States. Roanoke College awarded her a mathematics degree in 1967. In 2008, she was also given the honorary doctorate. She even attempted a doctorate in mathematics, but was kicked out in 1968.

John McAfee Ex Wifeshows Judy McAfee as John McAfee’s ex-wife. John McAfee committed suicide. The reasons for his death are unknown. The $4 million net worth of the entrepreneur is unknown. It is known that John worked several jobs before joining Lockheed as an aeronautical manufacturer.

He was also open to business opportunities that could transform his career. In 1987, McAfee Associates was founded. McAfee Associates provides antivirus software that automatically detects, removes and blocks viruses from computers. It was the first anti-virus program to be launched on the market, and it was distributed via the internet. In 2010, he also created Powva, an instant messaging program.

The Essentials of John McAfee Wife :

  • John McAfee has been viewed as a computer programmer and an entrepreneur.
  • John married Judy McAfee on 02-13. They divorced. However, he later married Janice Dyson.
  • We don’t know the details of their children yet.
  • He made $5 million per annum in 1999. Later, he began investing in cryptocurrency and was promoted to it. His net worth was $100 million.
  • However, his net worth at the time of his death was only $4 million due to legal and personal reasons.
  • He was the CEO of a tech firm. Later in 2018, as the company was growing, he promoted Reddcoin and Dogecoin, but he didn’t reveal the payments and ended up in serious trouble.

Views by people on John McAfee Net worth 2022 :

The internet revealed that the person had a net value of $5 million before he started using cryptocurrencies. He also made $100 million after he got into cryptocurrency and promoted the same. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, his net worth declined and was only $4 million at his death.

The bottom line is

It is evident that the the entrepreneur had was $4 million at his death. This decreased due to legal problems and personal reasons.


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