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You can personalize your T-shirt with your own designs. Kathypuentes offers a wide range of clothing that can be printed on-demand in their store. So customers can customize to your unique style.

Kathypuentes.com sells customized shirts online. This website was created in the United States to showcase their clothing interests.

Do you want to design your own clothes? Are you ready to purchase them? Before you buy the product, read this guide. Kathypuentes Review gives you details about the Kathypuentes website and its services as well as products. You can also see the authenticity of the website.

About Kathypuentes.com Website

Kathypuentes.com sells customized printed clothing online. Kathypuentes.com offers a wide range of printed clothing that can be ordered online. You can personalize it to suit your style. Kathypuentes.com has been added to the online shop.

All-over-print products are available on the website, including T-shirts and hoodies, sweatshirts, hoodies as well as Sweaters, Hoodies, Tanks, Kid, Zip, Canvas Blanket, Cloaks, Tumblers, and more. All products can be produced within 4-7 business days and shipped out immediately. Continue reading for Are Kathypuentes Legal?

Website Specifications:

  • Website Type: Online custom shirt selling website.
  • Types of products T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters and Tanks, Kid, Zip, Canvas, etc.
  • Product URL: https://kathypuentes.com/
  • Website created on 06/20/2022
  • Website Expiration date: 06/20/2023
  • Product Price: Purchase Cost is in US Dollars
  • Support Email ID: [email protected]
  • Contact:2916 Fruitvale Ave. Oakland, CA 94601, USA
  • Contact number +1 (626) 214-8643
  • Shipping Policies : 10 – 20 Working Days
  • Product delivery: Worldwide
  • Product Cancellation within 12 hours of receiving your intimation
  • Delivery Charge: This is applicable.
  • Return Policy – Returns accepted if the product has not yet been used
  • Shipping charges are non-refundable. Refund policy: Let’s look at Kathypuentes and other details about the website in the section below.
  • Tracking details – Product Tracking are available
  • Payment Method: All payments via VISA, AMEX or Discover cards, JCB cards etc., or PayPal.

Let’s see what Kathypuentes.com has to offer.

Positive aspects

  • The website has obtained an HTTP protocol service.
  • This website is a secure DNSFilter service.
  • This website does not contain phishing or other malware.
  • McAfee can be safely accessed through the website.
  • For your first order, you get a 10% discount

Negative elements

  • Their identity is hidden by the domain owner’s service details.
  • It takes between 10 and 20 days for the product to be shipped from the website.
  • Shipping charges are applied to orders less than $100

Is Kathypuentes Legit?

Below is a section that demonstrates the legitimacy of Kathypuentes.com.

  • The Domain is Very Young.
  • Social media accounts Not found social media sites.
  • Trust score This site has a very low 1% trusted score.
  • Ranking in Alexa – Alexa Global ranking #
  • Reach is # 4347613 and 4434891.
  • Contact Numbers – The customer support number for is available
  • Email ID Support Email-id account available
  • Domain Link Security The website uses HTTPS/SSL.
  • Domain content uniqueness: 100% copied content found.
  • Cancellation of Product: Within 12 hours of product cancellation acceptance.
  • Domain owner Info : It is hidden by the Whois service.
  • Kathypuentes reviews customer reviews:
  • Privacy Policy Details: An outline of a privacy policy is provided.
  • Exchange PolicyAccepts exchanges of faulty products
  • Return policy – Accepts product returns only for unopened products

Let’s take a look at the Youngermi.com website in detail.

Read more about customer reviews

Kathypuentes.com sells customized clothing products websites for men and women. Kathypuentes.com was only registered a few days ago. The Kathypuentes website isn’t spreading the word about the customer. A website that is trustworthy does not have any customer reviews. Kathypuentes Ratings were not found on Trust Pilot website. The website is ranked 0.7 out of 100 by the detector algorithm. More analysis is needed when purchasing products from Kathypuentes.com.

This website does not have social media accounts, and it is not well-known. Similar information can be found here How to Get money back from PayPal scams.


The website Kathypuentes.com is a custom product-selling website. The website duplicates content in sections. Although the website claims to offer customized clothing, it only displays toys in its main page. This makes us suspicious of fraudulent websites. Check out Everything You Need to Know About Credit Card Scams. The website’s trustworthiness was also indicated by the lack of Kathypuentes Reviews.

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