Kebunpedia Scam – What’s is being talked about in recent times particularly after a handful of people from the United States questioned about the site. After reading a few messages on the site, they accessed the forum for discussion to determine whether the site is legitimate or is a scam on the internet.

Based on the information provided by people who have used the site, it claims to send texts from various email addresses. Text messages do not make sense to the recipients. Since they’re not directly or indirectly connected to the site and they are interested in knowing whether Kebunpedia is a scam is legitimate or not.

What’s is the most popular gardening and gardening forum in Indonesia and is the place that people go to for discussion of different gardening techniques and gardening. The discussion forum offers unique tips for novice as well as experienced gardeners.

In addition to discussions, the forum also offers an online marketplace to purchase gardening tools including seeds, tools, and more. The forum was recently featured in news reports after people from the United States started receiving text messages from the website.

The recipients of the messages joined the forum for discussion to discuss the issue and also provide some information regarding the text message they received.

Is Kebunpedia a Scam Or Legit?

After conducting an analysis, we concluded the following: is a forum for discussion to discuss gardening and plants. The site has not been linked with scams or other fraudulent actions. Additionally, many other details are important to mention in order to make it clear if it’s legitimate or just a scam.

  • The domain was officially registered on April 19, 2015 and is a six-year-old site.
  • The domain expires on 19/04/2022.
  • The site has earned an excellent confidence score, 93%., which indicates that the site is not at risk. risks for its users.
  • The website has been active on various social networks and also received some feedback from users.
  • Nobody has reported Kebunpedia scams. Kebunpedia Scam or Kebunpedia Scamon social media, or the internet.
  • We did not find any reviews from users on the internet, apart from the posts and discussions in the forums.

In light of all the above factors after weighing all these factors, we cannot say that the site is an e-mail scam. However, if you’re looking to be a part of the discussions make sure you do your research.

What’s the reactions of the recipients of messages?

If we looked at the text messages on web, we came across some discussions. However, this doesn’t mean that it confirms anything regarding Kebunpedia scam. The recipients only stated they’ve received text messages from an unidentified email purporting to come from

Others have commented on the thread and recommended to ignore and block the email, as it’s just a website from a different country. But, it’s not yet established that it is associated with any fraud. Therefore, we are unable to verify if the texts are scams.

Conclusion is an internet-based forum for discussion about gardening and plants. However, there are some users who are receiving texts from emails that claim to come from But, nobody has ever reported a Kebunpedia Scam. Additionally the discussion forum, it’s actively active in social media, without any feedback or reviews.

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