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Recent Information on Kelly McGinnis

The name originally used by Kelly was Kelly Ann McGillis. However, people are looking to find McGillis by the name McGinnis. McGillis has been an American actress who is famous for her performances in films such as Witness, Top Gun, etc. She was awarded numerous distinctions and awards for the role she played in. She was nominated for prestigious awards, such as Golden Globe and BAFTA. She also appeared for the role of The Accused. She also played a memorable part in horror films such as Stake Land, The Innkeepers and We are who we are.

Many people ask, how old was Kelly McGillis in Top Gun? It’s easy to answer. McGillis aged 29. McGillis was born the 9th of July 1957. Top Gun was the film in 1986.

Personal Life

McGillis was born in Los Angeles County, California. She was the oldest one of Virginia Joan and Dr. Donald Manson McGillis. His father worked as a doctor and her mother homemaker. McGillis attended at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts located at Allan Hancock College, located in Santa Maria, California. McGillis dropped out of the high school class in 1975, and moved to New York City to learn acting at the Juilliard School. McGillis’s debut film McGillis came out as Reuben, Reuben.

Kelly McGinnis 2022

When 2022 rolls around, Kelly McGillis will be 64 years old. McGillis was married to Juilliard Student Boyd black in 1979, however, they split in 1981. Then, in 1989 she got married to Fred Tillman, with whom she has two daughters referred to by the names of Kelsey as well as Sonora. The couple also separated in 2002. Fred in 2002.

In 2009, some of the shady details about McGillis were revealed in an interview SheWired. In 2010, she got engaged to Melanie Leis, who is a Philadelphia sales executive. They first met in 2000 while Leis was working as bartender at Kelly’s Bar. In the present, McGillis lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

People are keen to know more about Kelly McGinnis 2022 .

McGillis was a drug addict’s advocate in a rehabilitation center located in Bridgeton, New Jersey, while she was living in Collingswood along with Leis. Up until 2013, she used to instruct performing at the New York Studio.

Apart from her roles on film, McGillis also worked in an upcoming television movie in 1984. The title of that movie was Sweet revenge. Another film on television is Private Sessions, where she was a narrator.

McGillis also appeared on stage on stage in Live for Love which John Bletchley directed. McGills was also an actress in the highly regarded Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC.


The public is eager to learn the details about Kelly McGinnis in 2022only because of her fame and talents. Her performances enthralled people by her numerous roles. Film buffs are captivated by the characters of McGillis.

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