Kumkumadi Oil for Skin Brightening

The facial skin of the human body is much different from the skin of other parts of the body. It has more sebaceous glands and open pores and is thinner than the skin in the hands, legs or abdomen. The texture of the facial skin is smoother and softer and is meant to be taken care of, unlike the other skin of the body. 

Using a good face wash to wash away any pollution one was exposed to, the accumulation of germs and oils is necessary. Moisturizing with an Ayurvedic oil for the face post a face wash helps in retaining the moisture and the benefits from the face wash used, as well as providing the much-needed nutrients and benefits of the face oil. 

There are many moisturizers and face oils on the market, but none compare to Kumkumadi oil – the treasured beauty oil also referred to as the fountain of youth for women. 

Kumkumadi Oil | Introduction

Kumkumadi oil translates to oil that is extracted from Saffron strands. Saffron strands are acquired from saffron flowers that grow rarely on earth and only in some chosen terrain. They only bloom once a year and in very few quantities due to the terrain and climatic conditions it demands. 

Kashmir in India is one of the chosen places where Saffron flowers thrive; therefore, Ayurvedic practitioners can acquire the saffron strands from native Indian gardens. 

Kumkumadi oil is precious because of its rare and expensive ingredients such as Saffrin itself, Kamla Kesar or White Lotus extracts, Manjistha extracts, Swetha Chandana or White Sandalwood extracts, Raktha Chandana or red sandalwood extracts, etc. 

All these ingredients are precious and highly valued in the market. The ayurvedic oil for skin brightening made with the extracts of these amazing ingredients is surely one of the best for the skin, and that is Kumkumadi Oil. 

Kumkumadi oil is an ayurvedic oil for the face and body and helps brighten the skin and make it glow from within. It helps in cleansing the skin and removing any spots, marks or blemishes that make the skin look dull and damaged. Kumkumadi oil has potent ingredients that can be used safely on any type of skin and can provide unbelievable results within a few days of usage. 

Benefits of Kumkumadi Thailam

Kumkumadi Thailam has many benefits for the facial skin, as mentioned below:

  1. Brightens the skin

It helps in brightening the skin by lightening any acne marks, blemishes, acne scars or pigmentation that makes the skin appear dull, and it makes the skin glow from within.

  1. Skin Elasticity

It helps in providing skin elasticity which is a property that facial skin loses out on as one age. Kumkumadi oil can restore the skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance of the skin and helps in removing wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet from under the eye area.

  1. Under eye care

The skin under the eye can easily become darkened as it is very thin. The oil is known to have an excellent effect on blood circulation therefore helping in getting rid of under-eye dark circles and pigmentation around the eye. It can also help with bagginess under the eyes and fine lines.

  1. Hydration

The oil provides much-required hydration for the skin and helps maintain the oil levels and keep it balanced, neither too less nor too much.


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