‘Will cause massive explosions: Karnataka CM, others receive bomb threats


Following the explosion that occurred at a cafe in Bengaluru a few days ago, numerous bomb threats were sent via email to the chief minister, deputy chief minister, state home minister, and commissioner of police. These threats were made shortly after the explosion. There was a specific emphasis placed on high-profile personalities and localities with a high population density as the targets of these threats, which threatened to blow up more locations around the state of Karnataka.

It was confirmed by Police Commissioner B Dayananda on Monday that the email had been received. In addition, the Cyber Crime police have initiated an investigation and have lodged separate complaints under their jurisdiction.

“We have written to Proton company to provide us with the details of the email ID,” B Dayananda, the police commissioner, said in an interview with TOI at the time. “We have also requested further information from them.” In the event that we are in possession of the information, we will be able to make additional progress in the investigation.

An email containing a threat was received on Monday, and an investigation into the threats has been initiated, according to the investigator.

“Explosion Alert 02” is the subject line of the email, which contains the following information: First and foremost, I would like to get your thoughts on the trailer that was released for the movie. In the event that you do not provide us with the requisite monies, we will cause catastrophic explosions to occur on buses, trains, taxis, temples, hotels, and public areas across the whole state of Karnataka within the next two and a half million dollars.An additional trailer is something that we would want to provide to you in the second notice. During the course of the Ambari Utsav bus, we are going to set off the succeeding bus from the same location. As a result of the explosion that took place at Ambari Utsav, we are going to make our demands known through various social media platforms. In addition, I will make use of social media in order to disseminate screenshots of the emails that were sent to you. We would be tweeting information about the subsequent explosion, according to the mail that we received.

‘shahidkhan11786@protonmail.com’ is the alternative email address that was provided by the sender for the purpose of further communication. On the other hand, a senior official who wished to remain nameless expressed their concerns that the threats might be a hoax, but they emphasized how crucial it is to not disregard them in light of the recent explosion. Even if there has been an increase in the efficiency of the security measures, the city will continue to be on high alert for the next few days.

“We also suspect that it was a proxy email ID which masks the identity of the sender,” the representative said. “We are currently investigating this further.”

Switzerland is home to the headquarters of the software company known as Proton.” Additionally, the officer stated that we have not yet received the information from them on the numerous email ID cases that have been reported.

According to the sources, there were many threats that targeted very high-profile individuals in the state. Additional dangers offered the possibility of targeting. The police, on the other hand, have stated that they have made the decision to remain silent regarding this matter.

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