Mercari Store Reviews – Is Mercari Legit?

Do you enjoy thrift shopping? Do you want to sell your old products in a shop? The Mercari store is available in the United States, and Japan. Mercari lets customers buy and sell virtually everything. Customers who don’t want to spend a lot on products will find it useful.

This post will cover Mercari Store Review and provide details about the website. Keep checking this blog for more information.


Mercari allows customers to sell or buy products online. You can purchase unused products at a reduced price or sell your unused items. It benefits both the sellers and buyers of the store. They can deal with many products. Here are a few:

  • Tops and T-shirts
  • Athletic clothing
  • Shoes
  • Plush toys and stuffed animals
  • Consoles and video games
  • Seasonal decor
  • Collectibles and vintage
  • Electronics
  • Handbags

You can find more information on Is Mercari Legit here. Customers might think that Mercari is safe because it’s a well-known site. But, it is important to ensure that any purchase made from a website is safe. Customers must take all necessary precautions to prevent fraud. For example, they should not give any personal information to unknown websites. This article will provide all the details that customers need to avoid being deceived.

Characteristics for Mercari shop

  • URL: Purchase and sell products from
  • Address: PO Box 60178 Palo Alto, CA 94306
  • Contact number ( (415) 800-1078
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Reviews – We found some great Mercari Store Review on their official website. Their products and services were loved by many.
  • Return policy – Buyers have 72 hours to return product
  • Refund Policy: All refunds are processed within three business days
  • Shipping Policy: Products are shipped within 3 Business Days
  • Payment policy – Only PayPal is an option for payment

Positive points

  • You can find the address and phone number for the shop.
  • The shop also has an email address.
  • They offer great sales and purchasing services.

Negative points

  • In the shop, only one payment method is accepted

Is Mercari Legit?

Mercari lets you sell used or unused items. Customers can also purchase the products at a discount rate. This website is for people who are passionate about thrift. Customers should read the details of the website before they use it. These are some details that verify the authenticity of the website.

  • Website formation Mercari was established on 16 July 2004. This website is now 18 years old, and can be trusted
  • Registrar MarkMonitor Inc. was Mercari’s registrar
  • Trust score Mercari boasts an exceptional trust index of 99%
  • Buyer’s feedback – Amazing Mercari Store Review can be found on the shop’s website. The shop was loved by customers who gave 5 stars to nearly all products.
  • Social media accounts – This social media page has less reviews.
  • Privacy policy All policies required by customers such as privacy policy, return policy, refund policy, shipping policy are listed in the website’s layout.
  • Missing information : This website has all the details. The official website contains all the necessary information regarding policy and contact details.

Mercari Store Review

Mercari appears to be a legitimate website, as it mentions its phone number and email address. The official website also has glowing reviews. This shop offers exceptional services. Sellers can sell products they don’t use and buyers can purchase great products at a lower price. The website’s social media pages were not well-reviewed online. This site received mixed reviews online. This post will provide details for customers to verify their identity at scams .

Final summary

This concludes the Mercari Store Review. We can conclude that Mercari, despite being quite old, is a great site with mixed reviews and a high trust index. It offers great services. This website is recommended for thrift lovers. This website appears to be legitimate. Customers can also avoid PayPal scammers by reviewing the following tips.


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