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Are you looking for kitchen appliances and lighting that are affordable? Did you know is legit? Please read the following paragraphs to resolve any questions you may have about

Trust is the glue that binds all relationships. It is difficult to believe in trust again if it is damaged. The same goes for websites that con buyers. They will make sure that no other people are taken advantage of. This article will discuss the Mitchellor Review strings that were primarily questioned United States buyers.

Illustration of The Website, according to the survey is an online platform that sells door stickers, wedding cards boxes, storage bags, and other items. This website also stated that they are young, passionate, and visionary experts. We also noticed a portal that stated its mission to be an online leader in service delivery.

They keep claiming that they strive to make the best products possible that satisfy the needs of their customers. They also stated that trust is the most important factor in their online business. In the next paragraph, we will look at some key clues that can help us find Is Mitchellor Legit.

Providing Crucial Specifications

  • We surveyed that is the website’s official URL.
  • [email protected] is the mail address we found on the website.
  • The portal does not have a telephone number.
  • Within 14 days of receipt, customers can return their purchased item.
  • We discovered that was first created three months and sixteen days ago.
  • We discovered that the name of the company is HARIO TRADING CO. LIMITED.
  • They may credit the refund within 21 business days.
  • You will find icons for different social media on this site.
  • The Mitchellor Review stated that they accept cash on delivery and take credit card payments.
  • This shopping site has not provided any information about exchange policies.
  • This virtual shopping portal offers door stickers and some kitchen appliances.
  • Website claims that express shipping will take between 10 and 25 business days.
  • Our analysis revealed that the company address was Wellington Way, Brooklands Business Park. Weybridge, Surrey. KT13 0TT.
  • Delivery can take between 10 and 25 days, depending on the company’s policy.
  • We were impressed by the newsletter’s presence.

Merits Found

  • You can provide the company name and email address.
  • The social icons were easy to spot.
  • The Mitchellor Review survey found that the newsletter feature was available.

Demerits Encountered

  • Trustpilot does not have any reviews that are legitimate.
  • This portal has one negative comment.
  • Social icons are gone.

Is Mitchellor Dubious?

  • Trust Score – This shopping portal received a mere 1% survey.
  • Discount Details – This site sells extremely low-priced goods that could be used as a trap by innocent buyers.
  • Trust Ranking – Our research only found a 14.7/100 value.
  • Founder Information We haven’t been able to get any details from this site.
  • Social Connects – The portal has inoperative icons for social connections, creating a doubt- Are Mitchellor Legit
  • Portal Establishment Day 22-03-2022 is’s registration date. It should be noted that it is only 3 and 16 days old.
  • Originality – We aren’t able to establish any connection between the address and this portal. This raises many questions.
  • Clients Reviews During the scrutiny, no Trustpilot reviews were found. We also found a negative review on a popular review site.
  • Alexa Rank – This virtual site has not received any Alexa Rank values.
  • Site Expiry date – According to our investigation, this portal will be suspended on 22/03/2023.
  • Policy Amongst all the policies, the details of the exchange policy seem to be missing.

What Are Honest Shoppers? Mitchellor Review ?

We have not disclosed any Trustpilot ratings or comments that could have raised concerns about this portal. We did find a comment from a user on a well-known review platform, stating that the portal displays many suspicious activities.

One user commented that the website sends them emails constantly, even if they are asking for unsubscription. We recommend that you do your research before you invest in any website. They might try to fool you at any time during the purchasing process. Find out the most important aspects of PayPaltricks.


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