Monday morning Temperatures could drop to 13 degrees in the Gulf Coast region?

Kent Covington is the WORLD Radio host.

Weather >>Forecasters warn of dangerous holiday travel and life-threatening cold in the eastern and central U.S.A this week…

TAYLOR – Potentially record-low temperatures leading to Christmas holiday.

As an arctic front blows through the country, that is. Zack Taylor, National Weather Service

TAYLOR: Temperatures below zero are possible and expected in the Northern Plains, and parts of the upper Midwest. Temperatures can drop to the single teens or digits even in the southeast.

Temperatures could drop to 13 degrees in the Gulf Coast region, Louisiana, and Atlanta by Thursday night. Nashville could see temperatures drop as low as 5 degrees.

New England has seen parts of its territory covered in snow. On Sunday, more than 80,000 people in the region were still without power.

Immigration >> El Paso, Texas declared a state emergency. The border crisis is expected to grow as the Title 42 rule that was in place during the pandemic of 1918 expires this week.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser:

LEESER: We are certain that Wednesday’s influx will be huge. It will be massive. It will be huge. I spoke to some federal partners and asked them if they believed that they could handle it today. They replied, “No ‘.

Title 42 makes it easier for the government expel migrants who cross to the souther border. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that up to 14,000 migrants could attempt to cross the border each day after the rule expires.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin

MANCHIN – We are in a crisis at our border. Everyone can see it. 42 must be extended until we get immigration reform.

Lisa McClain, a Republican Congresswoman, accused President Biden of largely disregarding the crisis. She claimed that Republicans repeatedly called and wrote to the White House…

MCCLAIN: Asking, asking, demanding, ad nauseam, to meet with President Obama about this crisis. It falls on deaf ears again.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that the situation at the Texas border will be “total chaos” this week.

Ukraine restores power for millions >> Crews in Ukraine were able to restore power to almost 6 million people following more Russian attacks on the grid over the weekend.

Many remain in the dark as Russia continues to strike civilian targets. Oksana Markarova, Ukrainian Ambassador to America:

MARKAROVA : We have been asking all air defense. We see what happens when there is not enough air defense.

Kyiv asks the West to provide more air defenses.

NoKo missiles >>North Korea tested two ballistic missiles that could strike Japan on Sunday

Two days earlier, the North claimed that it had conducted a critical test to develop a stronger intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the U.S. mainland.

Two missiles were launched from the country’s northwest, before reaching the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Tokyo announced last week that it would relax its military defense-only restrictions.

COVID rates, hospitalizations >>COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases are increasing during the holiday season. Dr. Ashish Jha, White House virus response coordinator. According to him, it is not surprising that the virus response coordinator at the White House, Dr. Ashish Jha, has seen a rise in viral infections.

JHA: We have seen an increase in the number of cases each winter. The virus also spreads faster in colder and drier environments.

Holiday gatherings play an important role.

Both the number of confirmed cases and COVID-related hospital admissions has increased by about half compared to last month. These numbers are only a fraction of January’s peak.

RSV and flu cases are also on the rise. This has made it more difficult for health workers to keep up with demand in recent weeks.

World Cup >>Fireworks illuminated the skies above Buenos Aires as Argentines celebrated their third World Cup victory.

France lost in dramatic fashion to Argentina’s team on penalties.

Millions of Argentines cried, yelled, and hugged each other as they followed the game. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

It was the first World Cup title for the country since 1986.

Box Office >> Although the long-awaited Avatar 2 failed to meet studio expectations, it still opened a huge holiday opening.

TRAILER – We can’t allow you to bring your war here. They see only outcast …

Avatar – The Way of Water earned $134 million domestically

The R-rated action comedy Vicious Night came in second place with $6 million. Wakanda Forever was third.

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