Moon Elegant Reviews – An Introduction to This Online Site

Are you looking for a relaxing interior? A furniture set that is affordable and comfortable? This article will help you to determine if a portal is genuine.

When you are looking to buy a house, what do you first think about? Is it decoration? According to our opinion, furniture is an essential part of our home that gives us a cozy feeling. However, the United States want smarter interiors that enhance their homes’ beauty.

This article will discuss Moon Elegant Reviews how to choose an online furniture seller site.

An Introduction to This Online Site, an e-shopping site that sells interior products for online shoppers, is primarily an e-shopping site. They also claim to offer custom-made items for various professions. Let’s look at some of the products to verify their authenticity.

  • Folding rocking chairs
  • Pot planter
  • Knitted pouffe
  • Swivel chair


  • The registration date for the portal is 13/09/2021. It will expire on 13/09/2022.
  • The portal accepts PayPal, American Express and VISA as payment methods.
  • We have calculated that delivery time depends on shipping and processing times.
  • [email protected] is the mailing address.
  • allows you to exchange items that have been purchased.
  • We haven’t seen any newsletter option on the site.
  • According to them, the shipping process could take between 3 and 20 working days. The shipping time will depend on where the user is located.
  • The portal does not show the company’s location.
  • You can visit the site via
  • Social platforms’ icons and links are missing.
  • According to the Moon Elegant Review, there is no phone number on the website.
  • If the request is received within five days, they will accept it.
  • will refund the purchase after analyzing the product type.
  • This website features furniture products.

The Website: Positive Pointers

  • An email address can be found on the site for contact.
  • There are some products that offer rebates.

What Are The Deficiencies In’s

  • It has a trust score of 2%.
  • Suspicion is triggered by the missing office address and calling number.
  • The trust rank is 28.4/100.
  • There are no social links on the portal.

Moon Elegant Legit or Scam?

  • Policies Although the return and shipping policies are clearly stated, the portal does not provide information about the delivery, refund and exchange policies.
  • Trust Rank – The website’s trust ranking is low.
  • Information about the owner – No founder is listed on this site.
  • Domain Age – has been around for only 2 months and 22 day.
  • Address originality- the location of the firm has not been cited.
  • Plagiarized Content-100% Plagiarism was detected for the site’s content.
  • Social network icons We have not been able to collect the icons for social media platforms.
  • Discounts available-The Moon Elegant Reviewshave stated that very few products are sold at high compensation rates.
  • User’s perspective-Some video reviews have shown that the site is not valid. One user claimed that the site acts as a ‘Home depot’, but it is not.
  • Trust Score- A low score of 2% is used for this site.

Buyers’ Mindset

Trustpilot is lacking public feedback. However, a few visual inspections have shown that customers are not satisfied with the site’s ability to attract traffic.

Some Moon Elegant Review customers also believe that the portal is fraudulent. The site has also suffered from the lack of icons for social media.

It is still a brand new site so shoppers may be waiting for reliable reviews. However, for the moment, they are not paying attention to it. Its reputation has been tarnished by its low rank and trust score.

The Concluding Thoughts

It is new and doesn’t appear to be reliable. The site also appears to be duplicative because it claims to sell Home Depot products. This has led to doubt.

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