Most extravagant Women In The World In 2021

Who’re the richest ladies on earth in 2021 as per their web worth? Otherwise called Heiress towards the L’Oreal domain, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers might be the most affluent woman on earth. The 67-years of age very rich person’s web worth is $80.2 billion. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers acquired the title after her mother’s, Liliane Bettencourt, passing in 2017. Following cautiously behind is Alice Walton, 71, from the Walmart realm even the world’s richest family. Her web worth is $66.3 billion.

The third spot is gotten by MacKenzie Scott, 51, having a web cost of $60. billion. In the past wedded to Amazon . com author Shaun Bezos, Scott incorporates a 4% stake inside the online business organization which she got as a feature of separation settlement among her and Bezos.

While utilizing very rich person’s rundown by Forbes magazine, we analyzed the most well off ladies on earth in 2021, who possess the 300 tycoons list by the present information. Looking for the East, Yang Huiyan developed to turn into the most well off woman in Asia. Other Female very rich people from Asia who went to their email list incorporate China’s Wu Yajun with $19.3 billion, China’s Zhong Huijuan with $19. billion, Hong Kong’s Kwong Siu-hing with $14.7 billion, China’s Fan Hongwei with $14.7, India’s Savitri Jindal and family with $12.8 billion, Hong Kong’s Zhou Qunfei and family with $12.8 billion.

Wealthiest Women On The Planet In 2021

1Francoise Bettencourt Meyers$80.2 billionL’OréalFrance
2Alice Walton$66.3 billionWalmartUnited States
3MacKenzie Scott$60.0 billionAmazonUnited States
4Julia Koch & family$46.4 billionKoch IndustriesUnited States
5Miriam Adelson$37.5 billioncasinosUnited States
6Yang Huiyan & family$33.9 billionreal estateChina
7Jacqueline Mars$31.3 billioncandy, pet foodUnited States
8Susanne Klatten$29.7 billionBMW, pharmaceuticalsGermany
9Iris Fontbona & family$25.1 billionminingChile
10Gina Rinehart$23.9 billionminingAustralia
11Abigail Johnson$20.9 billionmoney managementUnited States
12Laurene Powell Jobs & family$20.2 billionApple, DisneyUnited States
13Wu Yajun$19.3 billionreal estateChina
14Zhong Huijuan$19.0 billionpharmaceuticalsChina
15Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken & family$17.6 billionHeinekenNetherlands
16Kwong Siu-hing$14.7 billionreal estateHong Kong
17Fan Hongwei & family$14.7 billionpetrochemicalsChina
18Kirsten Rausing$14.1 billionpackagingSweden
19Savitri Jindal & family$12.8 billionsteelIndia
20Zhou Qunfei & family$12.8 billionsmartphone screensHong Kong
21Tatyana Bakalchuk$12.7 billionecommerceRussia
22Zheng Shuliang & family$10.0 billionaluminum productsChina
23Lu Zhongfang$9.6 billioneducationChina
24Blair Parry-Okeden$9.4 billionmedia, automotiveUnited States
25Massimiliana Landini Aleotti & family$9.2 billionpharmaceuticalsItaly
26Lam Wai-ying$9.1 billionsmartphone screensHong Kong
27Ann Walton Kroenke$9.0 billionWalmartUnited States
28Agnete Kirk Thinggaard$8.8 billionLegoDenmark
29Sofie Kirk Kristiansen$8.8 billionLegoDenmark
30Cheng Xue$8.6 billionsoy sauceChina
31Zhao Yan$8.5 billionbiotechChina
32Marie-Hélène Habert$8.1 billiondiversifiedFrance
33Nancy Walton Laurie$8.0 billionWalmartUnited States
34Diane Hendricks$8.0 billionroofingUnited States
35Wang Laichun$7.8 billionelectronics componentsChina
36Chan Tan Ching-fen$7.8 billionreal estateHong Kong
37Pamela Mars$7.8 billioncandy, pet foodUnited States
38Victoria Mars$7.8 billioncandy, pet foodUnited States
39Valerie Mars$7.8 billioncandy, pet foodUnited States
40Marijke Mars$7.8 billioncandy, pet foodUnited States
41Antonia Ax:son Johnson & family$7.7 billiondiversifiedSweden
42Christy Walton$7.7 billionWalmartUnited States
43Magdalena Martullo-Blocher$7.5 billionchemicalsSwitzerland
44Rahel Blocher$7.5 billionchemicalsSwitzerland
45Vicky Safra$7.5 billionbankingGreece
46Sandra Ortega Mera$7.5 billionZaraSpain
47Ronda Stryker$6.9 billionmedical equipmentUnited States
48Marie Besnier Beauvalot$6.7 billioncheeseFrance
49Denise Coates$6.5 billiononline gamblingUnited Kingdom
50Meg Whitman$6.4 billioneBayUnited States
51Jane Lauder$6.4 billionEstée LauderUnited States
52Jian Jun$6.4 billionbiomedical productsChina
53Pauline MacMillan Keinath$6.4 billionCargillUnited States
54Pan Dong$6.3 billionconsumer goodsCanada
55Margaretta Taylor$6.2 billionmedia, automotiveUnited States
56Katharine Rayner$6.2 billionmedia, automotiveUnited States
57Tamara Gustavson$6.2 billionself storageUnited States
58Judy Faulkner$6.0 billionhealth ITUnited States
59Randa Duncan Williams$6.0 billionpipelinesUnited States
60Milane Frantz$6.0 billionpipelinesUnited States
61Dannine Avara$6.0 billionpipelinesUnited States
62Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala & family$5.8 billionbeer, investmentsMexico
63Chan Laiwa & family$5.8 billionreal estateChina
64Dagmar Dolby & family$5.6 billionDolby LaboratoriesUnited States
65Alexandra Schoerghuber$5.6 billionreal estateGermany
66Li Haiyan$5.5 billionrestaurantsChina
67Carrie Perrodo & family$5.4 billionoilFrance
68Zeng Fangqin$5.3 billionsmartphone componentsChina
69Karen Pritzker$5.2 billionhotels, investmentsUnited States
70Miuccia Prada$5.0 billionluxury goodsItaly

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