Mostopscovid Win Com – What’s Mostopscovid Win?

In this article we’ve gone over the specifics for the Mostopscovid incentive program and the best way to join it.

Do you consider yourself an American citizen of the State of Missouri? Have you had your Covid 19 vaccine? Do you know that you can win a lottery prize simply by getting your vaccination? Read on to find out more about the plan.

The Missouri state has teamed up in partnership with Missouri Lottery to give lottery costs to residents who are or will be vaccinated and those who live in America United States want to know more about this plan. In this article, we’ll discuss the Mostopscovid

What’s Mostopscovid Win?

The incentive program to get vaccinated in Missouri named MO VIP, awards people who have had COVID 19 or COVID 19 also known as Coronavirus vaccination. Starting in July 2021 starting in July, the Senior Services and Missouri Department of Health will work together along with Missouri Lottery for choosing hundred and eighty winners from five random draws.

Every random draw will select one winner who will be awarded 10000 dollars in cash or 10000 dollars towards establishment of an account at a bank for education. Through the incentive program MO VIP the state government will award up to 900 individuals. The official website for this program is Before we learn more about the benefits learn more about how to join the incentive program for vaccines.

How do I join into the program of incentive?

On the MOStopsCovid, Missourians are able to join into the program by filling out an online form that is available on the website. Missourians Missouri may also call the number 877-435-8411 in case they are unable to enter the program via an online application or have difficulty in completing the online application.

The Missouri resident who has received vaccinations earlier has to be entered separately since they won’t be automatically enrolled.

What’s the benefits for those who are the Mostopscovid prizewinner?

Missourians who have joined into the vaccine Incentive program following the receipt of COVID-19 are eligible to receive the vaccine in the Red, White blue and red pools. Anyone who is 18 or older will be divided into two distinct parts: those in the White and Red. Their allocation into one of the White and Red pool will be determined at the time of their first vaccination.

The Red pool comprises all those who received vaccination in the 21st of July 2021. People who were immunized prior to the 21st of July, 2021 will be put into the White pool. After being enrolled, Missouri residents aged 18 or over will be qualified for the cash prize of $10,000.

Mostopscovid Win also offers an Blue Pool for teens between the ages 12-17. In addition, through the MOST 529 program run by Missouri State Treasurer The Missouri residents who are in the Blue Pool would be able to win $10,000 from the savings accounts of their schools or bank account.

Let’s look at the various pools and their eligibility features here:

  • All Missourians who are 18 or over and had at least one dose of COVID-19 at or after the 21st of July 2021, can be eligible to join the red categorization with the chance of winning 10000 dollars.
  • Within the Mostopscovid Win com incentive program, people from Missouri are eligible to participate for a shot to win 10000 dollars in the White category if they’re an Missouri resident aged older than 18 and who has received at minimum, one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination prior to the 21st day of July 2021.
  • Anyone Missouri resident who is between 12 and 17 years of age is eligible to join MOST 529, a state-wide MOST 529 program with the chance to win $10,000 savings account for education.


In the end it, the incentive program is an efficient way to get individuals to be vaccinated and also safeguard themselves against Covid 19 viruses. For more information, visit the official MO VIP web site.

Are you part of the Mostopscovid Win reward program? If yes, please leave your comments below regarding the incentive to get vaccinated.

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