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Are you familiar with the cult group known as Love Has Won? Are you curious about the mystery surrounding the death of the leader of the cult? If so, this article will be useful.

Amy Carlson, the leader of a new cult organization Love Has Won, was discovered dead earlier this year. People all over the world especially within the United States, would like to know the details of her passing. This is why in this article we will look at the mother God’s cause for Death.

About Love Has Won

Love Has Won is a religious group established through Amy Carlson, also known as Mother God. Former members, as media sources have referred to the group as an occult. Theology of Love has Won is classified as flexible, blending aspects that are part of New Age spirituality.

Carlson according to the organization that she was a divine 19 billion-year-old creature who was the creator of everything. Carlson claimed she was Reborn 534 times, including as Jesus and was close to generations more than 144k people into this mysterious fourth dimension. Let’s find out more the details about Amy Carlson before learning more about Mother God’s The Causes of Death.

About Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson was the group leader of the religious cult Love Has Won. Amy Carlson claimed that she was God Reincarnated on Earth. Amy Carlson was raised in Dallas, Texas, and was an outstanding student according to her family. The early years of her teenage years saw her beginning to discuss bizarre ideas such as spaceships.

Carlson was about 30 years old older when he began to develop an interest in New Age philosophy. Following his membership in the organization, Carlson abandoned her third husband, her children and her job as manager of McDonald’s manager. Carlson was believed as the queen of the lost civilization called Lemuria According to the group. Carlson had a variety of romantic partners who were referred to by the name of Father God.

About Mother God Cause of Death

The creator of the Love Has Won cult, Amy Carlson was found mummified and sprinkled with glitter by the authorities in an isolated Colorado frontier town a few months ago, astonishing the world.

It’s unclear the exact date or method by which Amy is also referred to by the name of Mother God, passed away however, based on the degree of decay when her remains were discovered authorities believe she’d been dead for several weeks , or perhaps a whole month.

There was no reason to suspect fraud was involved because Amy was ill for a long time. Many people including her family believe that she was murdered.

Although the cause of Mother God’s death is not known However, there are reports that she was suffering from cancer. Amy was often drunk and aggressive during her latter years. She also developed an intense blue and grey color because of the colloidal silver she consumed.

In the case of Amy’s death Seven people who were present at the home where Amy’s body was found with her were taken into custody on allegations of abuse of a body and child abuse.


The demise of Amy Carlson, a.k.a Mother God of Love Has Won, has been a subject with a myriad of debates and speculation about the cult’s beliefs and practices. Go to the Love has Won’s the Wikipedia site to learn more. for more information.

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