Myjar Redress Scam ( may 2022 ) – Why Myjar Scam ?

You can read exclusive reviews about the Myjar Scam. It is a scam that shows early signs of financial distress.

Are you curious to learn more about MyJar? Clients turned to MyJar when they were in financial trouble from the United Kingdom. MyJar had an easy application process and its representative helped clients obtain loans.

Customers were able obtain loans to stabilize their financial situation. Customers could repay the loan with small monthly payments and interest. Let’s examine the Myjar Scam.

MyJar Scam:

MyJar recently ceased lending operations and went to Redress. MyJar only runs its operations to collect loans. It appears to be a legitimate site based on its average ratings, ratings, and domain age. It was assumed to be a scam because it is similar to other organizations in the past.

  1. People can lend money
  2. They stopped lending again.
  3. Only the collection department can be operated.
  4. Investors in this type of organization do not get repaid.
  5. These organizations are able to trap investors’ money and their investments as well as the profits from interest payments.

MyJar’s customer service team can only assist with repayment.

Why Myjar Scam ?

MyJar is a well-established loan provider in the UK. The company offers personal loans to individuals. The amount of the loan depends on the need.

Repayment ability and the amount of the loan will also affect the amount. Higher loan requirements will be granted more than PS7.200. This was mentioned by one of the customers who posted on FB. He received a PS40K loan.

NOTEMyJar didn’t clarify why it had stopped lending, or if there was a financial crunch. More details about Myjar’s Redress Scam are available.

MyJar Reviews –

Facebook rated @myjarcom positively. It has over 18,043 followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. MyJar offers short-term loans of up to 12-24 months. has no feedback from customers. Trustpilot also rated it at 3.7/5 stars. It was rated on average by 35% of the people who reviewed it online at 4.3/5 stars.

Features determining MyJar Legitimacy: launched on April 4, 2006 and will expire on April 4, 2023 after ten months, seven days. was in existence for sixteen years and twenty-three consecutive days. Myjar Scam is unambiguous. MyJar has a 93% trust rank, a 65.5% business ranking and a low suspicion score (of 15%). is ranked 3,140,720 on Alexa. uses a secured HTTPS protocol and its IP holds a valid SSL certificate that has been valid for 201 days.


There were some positives. People who needed money to manage their household budget got loans in the event of an emergency, unforeseen circumstance, or contingency. These helpless people couldn’t find any family or friends who could help them with money. appears legitimate and answers about Myjar Scam. The situation regarding MyJar will become clearer in the future.

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