Nikeland Promo Codes – List of New Nikeland Codes

Nike the famous brand of shoes, has announced their presence on the Metaverse by collaborating with Roblox, a gaming platform. Roblox to create and build the digital world called Nikeland. This game is dedicated items such as Swoosh.

It’s the online playground with inspirations from Nike’s offices, customizable capabilities, mini-games and much more. The actual movement, the character’s customisation, and mini-games comprise the three main pillars of the game.

In addition, the game comes with several exclusive items, which are available with a cost. However when you use Nikeland Promo Coupons that world’s players can enjoy these exclusive items at no cost within Nikeland.

What is Nikeland?

Nikeland is a stunning digital experience that was created and released in the name of Nike for the game platform Roblox. The brand new and modern Roblox experience brings gamers from all over the world gamers into the virtual world of mini-games.

Starting with the tag, the floor is made of lava and dodgeball. The players can show off their abilities by creating mini-games and race across the globe. However, all exclusive items in this game can only be obtained and available to gamers using Nikeland Codes.

Continue reading to find these codes.

What are Nikeland Promo Codes?

Nikeland Codes allow you to redeem exclusive items as well as in-game items and are from the game’s creator.

The codes are frequently refreshed and made available to players of Nikeland players to achieve any new mark. Therefore, it is important to be sure to keep an eye on promo codes since they are issued with the expiration dates.

After expiry the promo codes cease to be effective, so you need to check the most current availabe Nikeland Promo Coupons prior to applying the promo codes.

List of New Nikeland Codes

After looking online and offline, we discovered a handful of active and working Nikeland Codes which are as follows:

  • Smile Code – This code lets to redeem Cute Smiley and Winking Smiley in the game.
  • Firstlap The code grants gamers access to “Running Track” build piece.

At present, the current codes permit players to redeem the building pieces that are available within Nikeland. The items are in the build Menu of Nikeland and can be put in any place on the player’s play area. Also, you can use this Nikeland Promo Coupons to gain access to the building pieces.

Redeeming the Nikeland Codes

Follow the steps below to swiftly use these promotional codes Nikeland.

  • Log in into the Roblox account and then launch the Nikeland game.
  • Select the Promo Button available on the left hand side of the screen.
  • When you click on the link, you will be presented with the promo code menu, where you will need to input the promotional code
  • On the bottom of your menu you’ll find”Redeem. “Redeem” button
  • Click here to redeem the coupon and redeem the items for free.


Nikeland is now a well-known game on Roblox and users are enjoying the new and unique game. The excitement increases when Nikeland Promo Codes give players access to exclusive items at no cost.

At present, there are limited promo codes that allow you to redeem construction pieces. The codes are currently working and you should verify the expiry date to avoid any issues when redeeming.

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