Ninelegant Reviews ( Aug 2022 ) – Is Ninelegant Legit Scam or Legit ?

Are you a fan of a flattering top and a matching bottom? You might be able to reach the right podium by reading the shopper’s Ninelegant reviews.

Do you love to go to the gym or are you looking for activewear? Many portals are available online, even in the United States. They offer many products at a lower price. People are interested in learning more about these companies and making a list of items they want to purchase.

Similar here. We are telling you about the Ninelegant portal, which redirects to and claims many items. For more information, you can visit the URL and view the Ninelegant Reviews of the customer.

What’s Ninelegant?

Ninelegant offers activewear, bottoms and dresses in the United States. You can get all the products at a surprising price and some discounts.

The main page contains all the details, including shipping, return, sizing and other information. There are many details that you can read and take the time to go through. You can also choose from a variety of payment options, such as a Sezzle. Before you make any purchase, it is important to verify the reality of the website: Is Ninelegant Legit?

Features about Ninelegant

  • You can visit the leading portal that redirects to the URL, i.e.,
  • It mentions Standard Shipping taking between 2-8 business days and costs $9.99 per order. Express Shipping takes 1-4 business days and costs $11.99 per purchase.
  • Ninelegant will accept returns/refunds within 30 days.
  • For local users, the phone number is (07) 5471 0986.
  • The email address has been shared, i.e., [email protected]
  • Extant phone number for users from other countries, i.e. +61 75471 0986
  • You can find many Ninelegant user reviews on the trust pilot and the website.
  • Ninelegant does not have any traffic or publicity on social media platforms, as there are no pages.
  • Ninelegant hasn’t provided the address of the company, so we are unable to visit its location.
  • Also, it mentioned that sale items such as tops, bottoms and dresses could not be returned. If deemed defective, they cannot be returned.
  • It appeared to be as safe as the safety certificates.

Positive Points

  • As details are available, you can call a company to verify the truth.
  • The items are all elegant and unique.
  • Shopper’s Ninelegant Review presented on the webpage. Trustworthy podium etc.
  • The webpage contains all details about the policies.
  • It was able to receive the payment online using different methods.

Negative aspects

  • Ninelegant does not have a Facebook or Twitter page, so there is no traffic on these social media sites.
  • It has not moved to the same location as the company.
  • The trust pilot received the lowest number of negative reviews.
  • The portal ninelegant redirects to an alternative podium, i.e. exoticathletica.

We must research the item before we buy it. Let’s check the Ninelegant reality.

Is Ninelegant Legit Scam or Legit ?

  • The Ninelegant domain creation date is 28/04/2015.
  • It will close on the 28th of April 2025.
  • It has been awarded the trust rank of 2 percent.
  • We looked at the feedback from the website and trust pilot. However, most people had negative experiences with the portal.
  • Ninelegant is not active on the social media podium.
  • It is not known who the Ninelegant’s owner is.
  • Website looks sloppy and lists unexpected prices.

Ninelegant was also redirected to a different podium. Be careful, and make sure you are clear before making any plans.

User’s Ninelegant Review

Ninelegant sells products at ridiculous prices, including tops, bottoms and dresses as well as swimwear, activewear, swimwear, and more. We moved to the internet and found some feedback on the website and trust pilot. However, the trustworthy portal shows that people aren’t satisfied with the company or the items.


We noticed in the windup that the website redirects to another podium, while the old podium is still selling the top, etc.


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