Nobel Peace Prize This Notice could be updated periodically in accordance to legal requirements?

This Cookie Notice (“Notice”) explains that NBCUniversal and its affiliates (NBCUniversal or “we”) use cookies and similar tracking technology when you use our websites, apps, games, interactive TV, voice activated assistants, voice-activated agents, and other services that are linked to this policy. It also includes connected devices such as those used in our theme parks (“Services”) This Notice contains more information about these technologies and your options. It is part of the NBCUniversal privacy policy . For a complete picture of NBCUniversal’s handling of your data, you should read this Notice and the Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or computer. We also use other tracking technologies, such as Flash local storage/flash cookies and HTTP cookies.

First-party cookies

We may use third-party service providers to place first-party cookies. These cookies are used to enable you to use the services and their features, and assist with analytics.

Third-party cookies

Third parties may place cookies on your device to identify your device when you visit the Services or other websites. This information is collected and used by these third parties in accordance with their privacy policies. Cookies from third parties enable certain functionalities or advertising to be offered on the Services.

Types Of Cookies

These cookies are used by the Services in the following ways:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are essential for service functionality. They include system administration, security, fraud prevention, and the ability to purchase. Although you can block cookies from your browser, some sites may not work properly.

Information Storage & Access: These cookies allow us and our partner to store and access information about the device, including device identifiers.

Analytics and Measurement: These cookies collect information about your use of the Services and perform market research to create audiences. They also measure the effectiveness of advertising and content delivery. These Cookies are used by us and third-party vendors to do analytics. This allows us to improve content and user experience, create new products and services, as well as for statistical purposes. These Cookies are used to identify you across devices and platforms, and provide additional insights for the above mentioned purposes.

Personalization cookies: These cookies allow us to provide certain services, including determining if your browser is set up for first-time visitors, capping messages frequency, remembering your choices (e.g. language preferences, time zone) and logging you in after registration (across platforms and devices). These cookies allow your device receive and transmit information so that you can interact with ads and other content.

Content Selection Cookies and Delivery Cookies: The data collected under this category can be used to choose and deliver customized content such as videos and news articles.

Delivery and Ad Selection Cookies: These cookies collect information about your browsing activities, how you use the Services, and what advertisements you interact with across devices and platforms. This data is used to deliver interest-based advertising content via the Services and third-party websites. Interest-based Advertising Cookies are also used by third-party websites and services to deliver content that is relevant to your interests. These Cookies can be rejected and you might see contextual advertising that is less relevant to your interests.

Social Media cookies: These cookies are used by social media platforms to allow you to share content to your networks and friends. Your online activity can be tracked by social media platforms. This could impact the content and messages that you see on other services.

Third parties and we may also associate Measurement and Analytics Cookies, Personalization cookies, Content Selection Cookies, Delivery Cookies and Reporting, Ad selection, Delivery and Reporting Cookies and Social Media Cookies with any other information about you.


You may be able, depending on your location, to modify your Cookie preferences at any moment via the “Cookie Settings” link in the footer. To manage cookies, you can also use the below methods. These steps must be taken for each browser and device you use. These opt-out tools may be required again if you change, upgrade, or replace your browser or device. Please follow the instructions below to adjust your browser’s Cookie settings as some Cookie-management tools also depend on cookies.

Browser Controls: Some cookies can be disabled or managed through the browser settings. You will need to manage the settings of each browser if you are using multiple browsers on the device. For more information, please click on the links below.

For information about managing cookies, refer to the help menu of your browser if your browser is not listed. You should be aware that disabling cookies won’t disable any analytics tools we might use to collect information about your use of our services.

Analytics Provider Opt Outs: You can disable analytics cookies using the browser controls described above, or you can use their respective opt-out mechanisms for certain providers.

These are just a few examples of analytics providers. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We cannot be held responsible for the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of opt-out systems provided by other providers.

Flash Local Store: These cookies, also known as local shared object, may be used by advertisers or us to store preferences or display content. Flash cookies must be deleted from the Flash Player Settings Manager’s storage section.

Interest Based Advertising: Many third-party marketers offer an option to opt out from their interest-based advertisements. Please visit this website for more information and to opt out of interest-based advertising from third-party advertisers based on your country.

You can also opt-out of certain advertising providers by visiting their opt out pages.

These are just a few examples of advertising companies, and they do not represent all. We are not responsible for any opt-out mechanism used by these providers.

You will still receive advertisements after you opt out but they may not be as relevant for you.

Mobile Settings Through your device’s settings you can manage information to be used for interest-based marketing purposes, such as managing location data. You can opt out of mobile advertising tracking by Nielsen or any other third party using the “Limit Ad Tracking” (for iOS) or “Opt Out of Ads Personalization (for Android) settings.

Connected devices: You should look at the settings of connected devices such as smart TVs and streaming devices to find the option that disables automatic content recognition and ad tracking. You will typically need to choose options to “limit ad track” or disable options such “interactive TV,” “interest-based ads,” and “smart interactivity” to opt out. These settings can vary depending on the device.

Cross Device Tracking: You can opt out of our browser-based, cross-device tracking to advertise your products by following the steps described. Each device and browser must be opt-out separately. Cross-device matching is discussed at the Network Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance. Cross-device tracking may be discontinued for advertising purposes. However, cross-device monitoring may still be used for analytics purposes.

Consequences for Deactivating Cookies: Some Services may not work properly if you disable or remove cookies. Data may be retained and used for research, online service analytics, internal operations, or to remember your opt out preferences.


This Notice could be updated periodically in accordance to legal requirements. This Cookie Notice should be viewed regularly to keep you informed about the use of Cookies by our advertising partners and ourselves.


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