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This Nozicka Obituary post will inform our readers about her death and life updates.

Want to find out what happened to Nozicka? Grand Islander Ruth Nozicka (80), died suddenly on November 26, 2021. Ruth was a Milford citizen. She was the mother of four children. To learn a new skill, she moved to the United States.

Did you know the date of Nozicka’s funeral? People are stunned by the news of her death. Her death and obituary will be discussed in this articleNozicka Obituary.

Where was the funeral held?

The funeral liturgy took place at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Grand Island, New York, on Tuesday, November 30th at 10 a.m. Monday, November 29th, there was a visitation at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Grand Island, New York from 4-6 p.m. followed by a vigil at 6 p.m. Flowers can be replaced by donations to Blessed Sacrament Church on Grand Island.

Oscar and Leona Ahlschwede’s daughter, Ruth Ahlschwede. They lived in Milford Nebraska. She graduated from high school at Seward. After she married Martin Nozicka, they had four children together. Nozicka Obituary has been extensively searched online.

All you need to know about Ruth’s life

Martin and Ruth moved to North Platte. After a long time, they joined square and round dance groups in the North Platte area before starting the Goodtime Dancers club. Nozicka taught square and round dancing and Nozicka also performed. Ruth and Martin performed workshops and called dances and toured across Nebraska and neighboring states.

After Martin’s March 1993 death, Ruth moved to Grand Island and started working in the Catholic Church Diocese Chancery division. Many wondered why she died.

Nozicka Obituary

Ruth wed William Noziska in 1997. They loved going to new places and meeting up with friends for coffee. Bill died in September 2007. Ruth was close to Bill, Dee Noziska and Joe and Kathy Noziska. They also had two children, their spouses, and many families.

Ruth was a passionate member of her church. She was a member of many churches, including St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, North Platte.

After moving to Grand Island, she joined Blessed Sacrament parish and participated in the music service. She also loved tending to her large flower-filled garden. Nozicka Obituary is a popular topic.

Causes of death

Natural causes caused her death. Her family is not willing to reveal the cause of her death. It must have been a difficult time for them.

Ruth wanted to be known for her passion for mentoring and education. Ruth had sharp minds and sometimes a bizarre sense of humor. She loved telling jokes and sharing stories. She is survived by her children and spouses.


This post summarizes the information we provided about Nozzika’s death and her cause of death. We also shared her love for teaching and her family. You can read more about Nozicka Obituary.


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