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Discover exclusive and consolidated information that are not available elsewhere on Omaze Find out the reasons as well as Vansmith services are gaining popularity. is a not-for-profit company which aims to collect donations through the offering of prizes. It’s a win-win for charities and donors. Do you have any dreams of an RV that comes with an kitchen sink, a kitchen-top propane stove with storage space for clothing, shoes and other kitchen appliances, mini-fridge bed, fan with interior lighting and charging ports, a multi-purpose table and so on. ?

You can be the winner of a campervan located in America. United States The prize isby taking part in an noble cause of charity Omaze Vansmith.

Offers at

Presently, the request for donations is open on promotes an Mercedes(r) 2022 Sprinter van as a prize that is an exclusive prize. The van is able to be modified according to the requirements that the winning winner. The custom conversion is carried out by Vansmith and will cover the cost of $80K, which is portion of the prize. is well-known for its van conversion.

About Vansmith:

Vansmith’s services provide freedom to those who want to enjoy comfortable and thrilling road trips with a campervan. It is a Mercedes Sprinter Van includes rooftop solar panels that can be used for off-grid living. This Mercedes Sprinter Van is a robust vehicle that is able to support the all the above-mentioned utilities for two persons. Vansmith offers different designs of interiors for Mercedes Sprinter Van, including:

  • The BIVY conversion concept starts at $33K.
  • The RACK and Roll conversion plan starts at $63K.
  • The design of the outpost conversion begins at $80K.
  • Conversion design that is customized with cost based on the specifications of the user.

What is HTML0? got its start? creators Matt and Rayn were disappointed of taking part in an auction which was aimed at donating the proceeds that was raised through the auction to charities. The auction was advertised with prizes including court-side seats to the Laker game, as well as lunch featuring Magic Johnson. As the auction value was increased, Matt and Rayn were outbid.

Innovative charity ideas from Vansmith :

This outdated method of obtaining money to support charity is still in use. However, the people who take part in these auctions are wealthy and have the luxury of to enjoy luxuries. However, what happens to those who are looking to make a difference by bidding on auctions with little or no money they have. Auctions are geared towards raising funds for charities and provide exclusive prizes to the most bidders. Therefore, bidders who make small amounts will be outbid and will be eliminated from winning prizes.

What is it that makes it work?

Matt and Rayn’s disappointment prompted the development of An innovative business that helps to plan win-win scenarios for charities and donors. Vansmith allows users to give as little as $20 to $25, $50, $25 or $150 to charities. No matter how much money is donated each donor is eligible to receive prizes.


The current appeal for donations closes on the 29th May 2022. A winner for the Mercedes Sprinter Van will be announced around the 15th of June 2022.’s donation page offers many benefits since the customers are mostly looking to donate sums to charities. The donors also have the chance to win prizes!

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