Oreo Double Cookies Stuffed – About Double Stuffed Oreo

Are you aware Double Stuffed Oreo premiered within the U . s . States in 1974? It’s greater than 48 years of age and has turned into a favorite and popular cookie. Are you aware that Oreo claimed their cookies contain double (2X) the quantity of cream when compared with regular Oreo cookies? But, this claim didn’t end up being true. Outcomes of two experiments demonstrated that Oreo Double Cookies Stuffed contains only one.86X to at least one.91X occasions more cream than regular cookies.

About Double Stuffed Oreo:

Double Stuffed Oreo premiered on the market like a snack that may be transported for college lunch for kids (or) to work and workplace and consumed leisurely in your own home. The Double Stuffed Oreo tastes good when taken with milk because it has double the amount cream that contributes sweet flavor, and also the cookies contain chocolate flavor. Hence, Double Stuffed Oreo are thought more dunkable.

Double Stuffed Oreo is really a GENUINE product in america and multinational markets. Double Stuffed Oreo is offered on several shopping sites for example Amazon . com, Walmart, Target, Etc. Double Stuffed Oreos comes with an influential presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, using more than 4,20,27,596 subscribers.

You will find countless positive YouTube and website reviews about Double Stuffed Oreo. Thirty-one reviews on Facebook rated Double Stuffed Oreo at 4/5 stars. Double Stuffed Oreo reviews on shopping sites are positive and above 4.5/5-stars.

Mondelez Internationa owns the Oreo company. Through a number of acquisitions and mergers, Mondelez Internationa launched Oreo on sixth March 2012. The Oreo brand includes a lengthy existence on the market.

Double Stuffed Oreo can be found in various sizes appropriate for individual consumption as well as in a sizable size 1 pound.

Double Stuffed Oreo Package contains:

Artificial flavor, sodium bicarbonate, calcium phosphate, chocolate, cacao processed with alkali, folate, high fructose corn syrup, niacin, palm, canola oil, reduced iron, riboflavin vitamin b2, salt, soy lecithin, thiamine mononitrate vitamin b1, unbleached enriched flour, wheat flour, sugar.

An instructor wanted to see if Double Stuffed Oreo contains 2X the cream in regular Oreo cookies. The teacher discovered that the quantity of cream is roughly 1.86X occasions greater than original Oreo cream cookies, departing a shortfall of .14X the cream.

In another experiment with a YouTube user, the entire weight of just the cookies was measured, then your total weight of every Oreo Double Cookies Full of the cream was checked. The Double Stuffed Oreo contained 1.91X occasions the cream when compared to original cookies.


Oreo is unquestionably the best product in the united states in excess of 48 years. Three other variants, Oreo Thin, Original Oreo, and Mega 3X stuffed Oreos, can be found in the marketplace. The Oreo brand is much more than 110 years of age. The flavour of Oreos is loved by a lot of who provided good product ratings.

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