Ormeu Clothing Reviews ( may 2022 ) – Information about the brand

This guide will help you find new online fashion outlets.

Are you looking for a fashion brand that is affordable to enhance your style? We found an online store that will help you achieve your fashion goals.

It doesn’t matter where your location is. This website claims to offer its services all over the world, even in the United States. We invite you to pay attention as we discuss Ormeu Clothing.

Information about the brand

According to the website, the brand has been operating since 2015. It began its operations in Vietnam and the Philippines, before expanding its reach through online platforms all over the world, including the United States.

The founder of the company isn’t known much. The website does state that they have been producing women’s fashion clothing since the beginning. Let’s now see if the claims are true and get an answer to the question, “Is Ormeu Clothing Legit?”

Information about the website

  • The official link to the website is https://www.ormeu.com.
  • This website features a wide range of women’s fashion including tops, dresses, cardigans and sweaters.
  • This domain was created on September 9, 2022.
  • [email protected] is the official email address for customer service.
  • Website does not have a phone number or a physical address.
  • The website does not offer a newsletter option.
  • Shipping times depend on the shipping method selected by the buyer.
  • If the order exceeds $79., shipping is free
  • Ormeu Clothing Reviews states that a 30-day return policy is possible.
  • The exchange would be done by the website within seven days.
  • You can also get a refund within 7 days.
  • Website has a social media presence through Instagram and Facebook.
  • Credit Card is the payment method available on this website.

Benefits of Ormeu

  1. Ormeu Clothing offers a large selection of clothing options to customers.
  2. Shipping charges are not applicable.
  3. It offers affordable pricing.
  4. It has an easy-to-use interface.

Drawbacks From Ormeu

  1. Website does not have a company address.
  2. Only one payment option is available on the website.
  3. There is no information about the owner of this website.

Is Ormeu Clothing Legal?

We now get to the heart of the article. The following points will help you decide if the website is legit. Let’s take a look at them all.

  1. It was registered on September 9, 2022. It is therefore 8 months and 17 day old on the online market.
  2. The website will be deleted on September 9, 2022. This means that the domain will expire on 9 September 2022.
  3. Website has a low trust score, scoring 5%
  4. Alexa rank for the website is 5983385 with a reachable of 7395457
  5. Ormeu Clothing Reviews have been mostly positive about the products featured on the website.
  6. The website’s policies seem unrealistic and vague.
  7. The website’s content looks plagiarized.
  8. Social media icons work.
  9. Website does not contain any information regarding the founder/owner of company.

Customer review

Customer reviews and testimonials are a strong point of any website. We collected customer reviews on Ormeu Clothing in order to see if the effort was worthwhile. The Ormeu Clothing Reviews are all positive and showcasing the products’ excellence. External reviews are also very positive.

Some sites have posted negative reviews about the shipping service. Read on to get a better understanding of .


We conclude our guide by observing that this site displays many characteristics that make it difficult for us to determine if it is legitimate or not. Trust scores, domain life expectancy, content, and other indicators are all signs that a website is suspicious. Based on Ormeu Clothing Review, it is best to avoid this website and wait for more solid evidence.


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