Personal Statement (Nov 2022) – What format should a Personal Declaration take?

Personal statements (also known as PS) are required for students applying to study in the UK. Nearly all UK universities hire students via the UCAS portal. The profile must be created and filled out by the university applicant. The statement space is a key component of the application. It allows the student to present their skills and motivations relative to the chosen field.

Where do I start?

Every university seeks students who have a clear vision of the future and are motivated to study in a specific area.

It is worthwhile to study the materials provided by universities at the start of high school about the courses you are interested in. You can plan your development and what activities you will engage so you have something to refer to when you write your application letter. These are valuable skills that you can show in your cover letter.

At least two months before you start thinking about the content for your PS, it is a good idea to do this at least twice in advance. Be sure to review all information available about your course from the chosen university before you begin writing. You can find information about universities online, academics blogs, or in the printed catalog. You should also look into podcasts and videos provided by universities. These can provide valuable information about your potential university. We recommend the Oxford University podcasts. It’s a great time to reflect on your character, personality and achievements.

You can apply for up to five courses. However, only one cover letter is allowed. It must be specific to your chosen courses.

You need to be different from other applicants who are all motivated and intelligent and want to study the same course at the university. It takes time to create the perfect cover letter. Make sure you have it ready at least two weeks before your deadline so that it can be added to your UCAS application.

What format should a Personal Declaration take?

Writing a cover letter is the most important thing. If you don’t plan what you want to say in the next paragraphs of your thesis, you should not start writing. You should be able to create a plan if you have read the requirements for your chosen course and compared them with your interests and activities.

A personal statement should contain an opening, body, and conclusion. It is not worth wasting too much space on the conclusion and opening, due to the word limit. Two sentences per sentence is usually sufficient. Each paragraph should contain a new piece or thought. The main section should be broken down into separate paragraphs. You can include more information by planning for shorter paragraphs of 5-6 words. Each paragraph should be about a different piece of information such as a new feature, category or activity.

Copy the Personal Statement text to the appropriate form window. Formatting (font, margins and indentation) will be lost when you paste. Paste will cause all formatting (font, margins, indentation, etc.) to disappear so don’t waste your time.

The Personal Statement should be written using formal language. Style in English can fill an entire article or even a book. These manuals are plentiful. The Elements of Style by White & Strunck, a classic of this genre, is a great choice. Steven Pinker’s Sense of Style is a good choice for more recent items.

The telegraphic basics are simple: make sure your text sounds natural and eloquent. To ensure the meaning of your words, you will need a dictionary that includes definitions and a dictionary that contains close words (thesaurus). You should also strive for originality. UCAS has produced an article that reveals how common certain sentences in PS are and how this affects candidates’ applications.

How can you start writing a personal statement? Here are 5 ways to get started

Here’s some practical advice for anyone who is faced with the task of writing a cover letters.

  • Before you begin writing your cover letter, take a piece of paper and write down all your accomplishments, activities in organizations, life events, and extracurricular activities.
  • Consider what makes you a good person and what motivates your to take a course. An application to art studies could include a description about a workshop you participated in.
  • While it is great if your activities are related to your major, it is important that they demonstrate your personal involvement and show that you are curious.
  • Internships, volunteering, and artistic and sporting activities are all worthwhile topics. But be cautious with the latter. The Olympiads in Poland are a highly prestigious competition, but they don’t know it and won’t impress the Admissions Office.
  • Don’t worry about how many words you have written. Just write what is most important when writing your first Personal Statement. You will only be able to read the text later and decide what you should add and what you don’t need – in order to fit within the character limit. Many students struggle with insufficient space. To avoid this, you should cut out the most important elements and keep long descriptions to a minimum.
  • Why should I hire specialists to help me with my Personal Statement?
  • Polish applicants find it difficult to write a cover letter to university because they have not had any school preparation. The template is a guideline that is often insufficient to create a quality text.

Professional mentors are there to help students succeed during the recruitment process. They can provide guidance, corrections, and oversight of the writing process. This is particularly important for students applying to top universities where there is a lot of competition.

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