Policeauctions Reviews ( may 2022 ) – Brief Introduction Of Policeauctions

If you’re planning to participate in this auction to purchase auction items We suggest first reading our Policeauctions Review.

Have you seen the website known as Policeauctions? If not, then we’ll explain the subject. The Policeauctions website isn’t like other shopping websites online. If you happen to stumble upon this site, you will be able to tell you that this site is distinct.

The United States, people are looking for information about this website. Therefore, we’ll provide the details about the website, specifically the checkpoints for legitimacy. If you have the time, take a look to Our Policeauctions Reviews.

Brief Introduction Of Policeauctions

Policeauctions is an e-commerce site founded in year 1999. The website is an auction website online. When you hear the name, one could be sure that they sell auction-related items. On the website you will find various items. They offer jewelry, Gemstones, clothing items Watches, accessories cars, and other items.

They provide both government-based and non-government-based auctions , as they claim. The website is open about the company’s activities and also has social media profiles. It is recommended to check the specifications for a way to determine the legitimacy of Policeauctions legal? or the reverse.

Specifications Regarding the Policeauctions Site

  • Domain Foundation Date-The site’s foundation date was 1999/03/18, which is quite old.
  • Auction ProductsAuction products like jewelry, cars, clothes, and more.
  • Payment Types –The payment types on this website are not available.
  • Shipping TimingThey haven’t disclosed their shipping details.
  • Contact Number: contact us (714) 556-4900. (714) 556-4900
  • Website Link- check via https://www.policeauctions.com/.
  • Company Address- CA 92626, Costa Mesa, 3182 Pullman St.
  • Newsletter Newsletter The newsletter option isn’t accessible.
  • The email address-Couldn’t be found on the website.
  • Return PolicyThey offer a 15-day return policy.
  • Refund Policy –Find out on Policeauctions Review they offer a 100 percent refund is available within 30 days of the original purchase.
  • Exchange Policy Exchange policy isn’t listed on this site.

We’ll move to the next topic that will cover both the negative and positive aspects this site. Continue reading to the end.

Positive Aspects of Policeauction Website

  • They exert an enormous influence on social media.
  • There are deals available on their products.
  • There are some reviews available.
  • The site is secured with using the HTTPS protocol.
  • The same Url as well as Portal name.

Negative Aspects of Policeauction Website

  • A few reviews are available.
  • The interface looks messy and is not well created.

Is Policeauctions LegitOr A Scam

We will go over the factors that will help us determine the authenticity of the website. Therefore, make sure to review the details.

  • Website’s Creation Date: The website was created in 1999/03/18. It is very old and may be considered to be a trustworthy website.
  • DiscountsDiscounts Discounts are on offer.
  • Content Quality We’ve found plagiarism of 65% in their content about us.
  • Address Authentication – They’ve not provided their address in detail, therefore we can’t verify their authenticity.
  • Policies Policies Every policy you need is accessible.
  • Website Termination Date:Website will cease to operate in 2026/03/18, 4 years from now.
  • Owner IdentityKnow through Policeauctions Review ,the founder with the identity of the owner is given.
  • Trust Score A Trust Score of 76%, which can be considered to be a great score.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Thoughts There are a few customer reviews to read.
  • Social Media The site is active on a variety of social media sites.
  • Trust RankTrust The rank is 80.7 percent which is a great rank.

Customer Feedback

Based on our investigation we were able see a few reviews on this site. Because reviews are an essential factor in determining the credibility of a site We checked all over the internet, as well as some reviews are on Trustpilot are only 2.8 score and reviews that are not positive.

There are also Policeauctions Reviews that are available through websites that are not able to be taken into consideration. There is also no review or evaluation based on an article available. Visit this page for ways to access your


The Policeauctions website sells auction items on the internet. The website is active with more than 1.1 million followers as well as on Instagram. The website is quite old and has provided the owner’s information. The website is not a great one, and has little reviews from customers. We can conclude that the the website appears to be genuine, but we would suggest doing your own research.


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