Prince Harry Asked Wife Meghan To Not Get Clicked At Taj Mahal William, physically attacke?

Prince Harry revealed to Meghan Markle that he warned her not to take a photograph in front of the Taj Mahal while she was on her India trip. This is to prevent speculation that Meghan was copying his mother. According to Daily Mail, the Duke of Sussex revealed this in his memoir Spare.

The memoir states that Meghan Markle traveled to India with World Vision in 2017, a non-profit organization, in 2017. They worked on the education and health of young girls, as well as menstrual health. Diana, Prince Harry’s mother, was photographed alone at the Taj Mahal in 1992 by Prince Harry.

Many believed that the photo of Princess Diana was a reflection on her marriage to Prince Charles III, now King Charles III. In August 1996, the couple was officially divorced.

The report said that Prince Harry asked Meghan Markle not to take a photograph at the monument in advance of Meghan Markle’s India trip. This was because people might think she was copying Princess Diana.

“Don’t take a picture in front of the Taj Mahal. She asked me why, and I replied: “My mum,” Prince Harry wrote in his book. The Royal said that he had explained to Meghan Markle about his mother’s famous photo taken at the Taj Mahal. Meghan Markle wasn’t aware of this.

“I explained to Meg that my mother had taken a photo there and it was now iconic. I didn’t want anyone to think Meg was trying mimic my mother. According to the report, Meg hadn’t heard of the photo and found it baffling. I loved her for being confused.” The Duke of Sussex wrote.

On Tuesday, Prince Harry’s memoir Spare went on sale in the UK. The revelations in the memoir by Prince Harry have caused eyebrows, including the claim his brother, Prince of Wales, William, physically attacked him during a dispute about Meghan Markle.


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