Prince Harry Calls Queen Consort Camilla my brother or father will read the book?

Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare’, officially launches Tuesday. However, the contents of the book were widely leaked after it was mistakenly sold early in Spain. In an interview, Prince Harry revealed shocking details about Camilla, Queen Consort, his stepmother.

Anderson Cooper, CBS’ 60 Minutes correspondent, interviewed the Duke of Sussex about Camilla. He called her “the villain” and revealed that he had begged King Charles not to marry her after their mother, Princess Diana died.

Prince Harry said that he wanted his stepmother happy, so she would be less “dangerous”. He said, “She was the villain.” She was the third spouse in their marriage. She had to restore her image.”

The book also contains criticisms by the Prince of Charles’ second wife.

He said that Camilla, after Diana’s passing, “began playing a long game: a campaign aimed to marriage and eventually the crown.”

Harry claimed that details of private conversations were revealed in media.

“I love my dad, I love brother, and I love my family.” Harry stated that he would always do this, but he also said that he believed there was a “100%” chance of reconciliation.

“I don’t believe my brother or father will read the book. He said that he hoped they would.


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