Rooster Battle NFT – What is Rooster Battle?

Have you heard regarding that game of yours’ NFT launch? Why do these games get such excitement? Which is the most Cockfighting game? Where can you download Rooster Battle Game?

Rooster Battle is a new thrilling cockfighting game played on the internet. People from Brazil, Thailand along with Thailand, and Philippines searching for information about its launch. looking for information about the NFT launch.

Let’s look into the specifics of Rooster Battle NFT in the article below which reveals the truth about the game’s hype and additional details. Stay tuned for the most recent information on the latest updates.

What is Rooster Battle?

If you’re a fan of games that involve cockfighting, you’ve probably heard about and downloaded Rooster Battle. Cockfighting is considered to be the most successful history-making sport and has led to creation of a variety of games in video.

One of the most popular games for cockfighting is the Rooster Battle, which was released in 2013. This game is a huge success and is among the top downloaded games on the Play store as well as the iOS charts.

Rooster Battle NFT:

We’ve seen this pattern of every popular gaming platform coming up with an NFT collection for public sale offering players the chance to be more engaged.

Rooster Battle has also announced their NFT’s public sales. The game that is so popular that is played by BSC has already achieved enough popularity as an NFT game that is based on cockfighting. the game has launched their whitelist of registrations. This is among the most awaited IDO sales to the general public, which was announced on the 28th of November 2021 at approximately 2.00 UTC.

Slot Information regarding the NFT release:

Rooster Battle NFTis scheduled to be launched with 70 slots. There will be 500 slots to register to the public of the top 100 slots, only 100 slots are available to the top entries, while the remaining 400 slots are picked as random slots.

The platform also announced over 200 slots as part of the whitelist launch. They are being kept to compensate those who participate in Unicrypt.

Price Details for the Token:

It is now that the platform has already announced 700 slots to play within the IDO open sales event the game Rooster Battle has also registered the value of a pre-sales of 600BNB in the Pink Sale LaunchPad.

  • The Presale Prices for one BNB are approximately 35.000 Dollars Token.
  • The price of listing per BNB is approximately $2000. 25.000 Token.

What Are the Highlights for This Event?

As mentioned previously that the event will take place at the Pink Sale Launchpad at 14.00 UTC on the 28th of November. The game will also be made available after listing it in the pan. 0.2 BNB will be the minimal amount that can be spent by each participant The maximum amount to be spent is 1.5 BNB.

Final Verdict:

This article is a streamlined version Rooster Battle NFT which explains the particulars of the event and important points. This event has been scheduled for the 28th of November, and many are already searching for similar information. They will also provide alerts on mobile devices, which will inform you about the most recent events and developments.

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