Sandeep Khurana’s compositions harness The Healing Power of Sound?

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New Delhi, India (ANI/SRV), December 12, 2012: Sandeep Khurana, a California-based music composer and filmmaker, released his latest single “Relaxing sounds for healing.” The music is a magical blend of soothing sounds that takes you on a musical journey. The sounds of the pan flute, beautifully blended with nature sounds and pads, offer a healing experience.

Khurana deliberately introduced frequency-space in the music to help one connect with the “ether”. The multidimensional experience is shaped by the diverse sounds, which help one to meditate and connect with their inner self, which is the main objective of meditation. The composition’s core features are maintained by the addition of melodic piano sounds. This music is great for meditation, relaxation, and unwinding after a stressful day. You can find the single on Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

Sandeep Khurana is a versatile music composer with an unique style. His psychedelic albums, which range from New Age and Neoclassical to contemporary, New Age and Neoclassical, are cross-genre. They include psychedelic, easy listening and dance music, as well as world music. His music is inspiring and immersive. It is evocative and has a mesmerizing feel that evokes deep emotions. Many of his compositions were inspired by the healing power and blissful state music can bring to our minds. Scientifically, the healing power of sound has been proven to be effective. Many healing centers around the globe use healing sounds and chants to treat patients.

Sandeep has released many albums in the new age, world, and fusion genres. His podcasts are ranked among the top 100 iTunes Podcasts in many countries. He has directed documentaries and short films. His short films received special mention and awards in numerous international film festivals, including in the 12th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2022, San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival, San Francisco Cinema Awards, Paris Cinema Awards, Tagore International Film Festival 2022, Mumbai International Film Festival (India), and the Europe Film Festival (UK) among others. His music was part of TV productions for STAR TV (for an Asian reality series), Channel V (for a Asian reality program), KMVT-15 California TV Channel and other channels in Florida, Chicago and elsewhere.

Other musical works include Gayatri Mantra 108 times, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Buddhist Chants. Karma Cleansing Chants. Shiva Mantra. Relaxing Music. Guided Meditation for Beginners. Shri Hanuman Chalisa Chants. Energy Healing. Kriya Yoga for Meditation. Inspiring Piano. Flute Piano and Ocean Sounds. Guitar and Ocean Sounds. Solar Plexus Guided Healing. Chakra Healing Sounds. Saraswati Vandana. OM Mantras.

Sandeep Khurana is originally from New Delhi. He studied music at prestigious schools like Sangeet Maha Vidyalaya in Delhi and Ali Akbar Khan College of Music, USA. He also studied film direction and TV journalism at the Asian Academy of Film and Television, India. Then, he further refined his video production skills at Stanford University.

You can find his music on many online music stores, including Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

SRV has provided this story. ANI is not responsible for any content contained in this article. (ANI/SRV)


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