Script Fighting Ultimate Codes – Script Fighting game codes

Do you enjoy playing games? Are you interested in fighting games? Did you know about the Script Fighting? You heard it right, script fighting game. Roblox created script fighting. It is the most popular simulator in the United States. This simulator now has new codes.

This post Script Fighting Ultimate Cods will give all our readers the most up-to-date information on the codes in this game.

Script Fighting game codes

Roblox’s script fighting simulator is becoming increasingly popular. You will need to know the codes in order to win this fighting game. To win, the player must be able to identify the codes. We will now reveal some codes for this game. Please take the time to read this section.

  • Elevator code – 381395
  • Deepz code- 4206090
  • Weapon code- map13
  • Code Booster – Hardmode

These codes are becoming increasingly popular among script-fighting gamers.

Script Fighting Ultimate Codes

Roblox’s newest simulator, script fighting, is becoming increasingly popular. This game is loved by everyone. It is currently a top-rated game. This is where it becomes important to understand the game’s codes. The codes are what make this game possible. The codes are what allow players to fight, improve their health, use guns, and fight other players. This game is still considered the most recent and has received two updates. It introduced Script Fighting Ultimate Cods in the last update. This game became well-known among players.

How do you play this game ?

This is why it has become so popular in the USA. This game was loved by many. People who have never tried the game are asking for the rules. Don’t be afraid if this is your first time playing the game. This section will provide you with instructions on how to play the game. Please read this section.

We wanted to let people know that this is a fighting-game. You don’t have to press the keys to fight. This is where you will find the Script Fighting Final Codes. For example, the current trending weapon code is the sword. To use the weapon in combat, you will need to enter this code. There are also codes for fighting with your hands, going with an elevator, and fighting with your hands. To play this game, one must first go through the code list.


We have provided all information regarding this script-fighting game in this summary post. We tried to provide accurate information about this game for our readers. This link will provide additional information about the Script Fighting game


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