Ship Canal Bridge Accident ( may 2022 ) – What caused the accident to take place?

The report Ship Canal Bridge Accident contains information on the Seattle car crash as well as the information on the victim.

Are you aware of the famous double-deck bridge for ships located in Seattle? Have you heard about the most recent incident which occurred at the bridge?

Seattle is one of the cities in the West Coast of the United States, and recently , a child died due to an accident. This article explains the particulars regarding this incident. Ship Canal Bridge accident.

What caused the accident to take place?

On the 24th of May 2022, around 4.30 morning, 2 vehicles were involved in a collision at 4.30 am on Northeast 45th Street, in the southbound I-5 lane of the Ship Canal Bridge. According to sources online the victim was 22 years old, Jordan Shelley, died in the car crash crash.

An Washington state trooper recounted the incident during which Shelley’s car stalled and forced him to stand outside the vehicle for a short time. A different driver, named Kuo was involved in a collision with his Shelly car. The driver lost his balance as he fell in the water which flowed beneath the bridge. However, the person who threw him off the bridge his body was rescued.

Ship Canal Bridge Seattle

The incident took place on the bridge for ships situated in between Capitol Hill and the University District. It is the bridge that connects Lake Washington and Lake Union. This bridge is called the Ship Canal Bridge. Ship Canal Bridge carries the southbound I-5 lane across Portage Bay.

The victim was tossed off from the bridge’s 182-foot height and fell to the apex with Lake Union and Washington. Marine rescue personnel arrived at the scene and found Shelly’s body Shelly after a lengthy struggle. The canal bridge was shut for more than 3 hours because of the car accident.

Seattle accident Seattle accident

In the Ship Canal Bridge Accident the driver, 22 years old, Kuo who was involved in the collision with the car of the victim was identified and detained at the request of Washington state police officers. He was detained on suspicion of manslaughter in a vehicle. He was the driver of the Mazda while the person who was involved in the collision with his vehicle was driving an Toyota. The victim was thrown into the water due to an accident between two cars.

The marine rescue crew arrived in Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast Northlake Way to save the victim, however the time passed, and the rescue mission was transformed into a rehabilitation mission.

The one that is fatal

The Ship Canal Bridge Accident was a tragic incident within Seattle’s University District. A car crash claimed one of the lives of young man aged 22. Family members mourned the death of their son, and said they believed that Shelly was a scholarly boy. He was even awarded an award from the highly regarded Skagit Valley College for two years. His goal was to be an anesthesiologist.

The culprit has been arrested and police in Washington will investigate further and gather evidence. The people of Seattle were alarmed at the incident, and expressed concern about the reckless drivers in Seattle city, and urged police officials to take action against rule-breakers.


Therefore, the report The Ship Canal Bridge Accident offered details on what happened in the Seattle accident. Although the marine rescue personnel attempted to save the victim, they were unsuccessful in their mission to save his life.


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