Southwest Air Fans Scam ( may 2022 ) – Why did they do it? Scam About?

This article provides the full information on Southwest Air Fans Scams. Are you looking to learn the information? Explore further!

Are Southwest Air fans’ Facebook ticket giveaway scam or genuine? If you’re interested in knowing whether the offer is genuine or fake, it is run by Southwest Airlines, the United States ,then go through the entire article.

It appears that the Southwest fraudulent Facebook page has been spreading around the social media site in a rapid manner. They claim that Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 69th birthday by providing two round-trip plane tickets to anyone but the question is what is the truth? Find out below what exactly is Southwest Air Fan scam ?

Why did they do it? Scam About?

The scam was first reported via Facebook over the weekend between May 21 and 22nd 2022. The post states via social media that Southwest airline offers two round-trip tickets to all who type Done on the comment section before 5pm on Sunday. The story was reported that Southwest Airlines was offering free tickets to the airport (Tickets were titled Southwest Air Fans- 69th or the 86th anniversary) This isn’t real?

Many people are caught in this fraud. Then on the Official Facebook Southwest Airlines page, published a scam alert regarding the truth behind the 86th and 69th anniversary free tickets giveaway. Southwest Air Fan Scam Southwest Air Fans Scamseems to be an untrue scam.not legitimate and requires verification.

Information About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines are adapted into airline service on June 18, 1971 with three Boeing 737 aircraft serving 3 Texas cities – Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio -and in 1989 it was incorporated into an important airline. The primary goal that is the primary goal of Southwest Airlines is to offer the best customer Service.

Southwest Airlines is remarked as the safest airline in the world and ranks among the top 15 of airlines in the world. Due to its low cost pricing the airline was able to achieve success.

Additional Information about the Southwest Air Fan Scam:

It was revealed that the Southwest Air Fans offer was changed from free tickets to Southwest Airlines’ 69th anniversary or 86th anniversary, which promises to transfer $750 to customers through the Cash App once they registered on the scammer’s site. The next step is not known.

If the past is any indicator these scams often involve seemingly never-ending surveys. If we provide our personal details to a third-party and we risk exposing ourselves to be scammed. Therefore, we recommend not to provide any personal data in any form to any poll.

How can you avoid being victimized?

Following the Southwest Air Fans Scam, Following the Southwest Air Fans Scameveryone should be aware of these types of frauds. To avoid these scams, make sure to check the messages and calls from the business as to whether or not the business is genuine. Don’t divulge your personal information, credit card information, or social security information without verifying that the details of the company are accurate. Also, look up the company’s reviews online to confirm its credibility. In addition, you may download spam blocker apps to stop calls for your mobile. Don’t follow the sites with spam advertisements and stay alert for the fraudulent offers.


From the Southwest Air Fans scampost It’s clear that this isn’t true. The scammer made this offer to rob people. So, we recommend that you beware of such scams.

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