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Spa treatments can be very tranquil and relaxing, but yet, they are expensive as well. Thus, visiting the spa on a regular basis for all people is not feasible. The public is looking for methods that are safe and efficient to improve their health and therefore are willing to purchase spa products on the internet.

Spa comforts are simple since many websites offer spa products on the internet. Here we are with one such website, Spadtox. Let’s take a look Spadtox Reviews on this article that caught the attention of people throughout Canada as well as the United States.

About Spadtox Website:

Spadtox can be described as an internet shop which focuses on just one SpaDtox Foot Detox Massager product. There are two models, one with tubs and one without to pick between based on your preference. The website offers free delivery and promises that it will deliver within the timeframe promised.

This product can be described as an Ionic detox foot spa using the latest technology, as per the website’s information. 30 minutes of massage every day is enough. Discounts on products are not a good idea as are Spadtox Reviews on the website.

The website claims it is the best foot masseur that works ideal to alleviate feet pain, boost performance, cleanse impurities, improve the immune system, aid with sleep disorders, and extract oils, toxins, and fats, and eliminate the cellular debris. However, the price appears low, especially since there is a 50% discount coupon.

Check the Specifications:

  • Site Type The website deals with just one item, and the tub can be used in lieu.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Payment Methods: American Express, Discover, PayPal, McAfee Secure, Master Card.
  • Contact Information: Not provided
  • Contact number: It is not available, but stated operating hours 10 AM – 5 7
  • Products Cost: Dollars.
  • Site URL
  • Spadtox Review Available on the web site
  • Shipping: No shipping duration mentioned. Shipping is free with no shipping cost.
  • The return and refund policy is Return and Refund: There is no return or refund is mentioned on the site.
  • Social Media None of the accounts have been found.

Positive reviews are that are available on the website. However, before you talk about online reviews, make sure to look at the pros and negatives.


  • Valid HTTPS connection discovered.
  • The email ID is listed, which is the same as to the name of domain.
  • 50 percent discount on a purchase.
  • Secure payment method.
  • Free shipping.


  • The trust score for business on the website is very low with only 58.8.
  • There is no presence on social media.
  • There are no company details.
  • fake Spadtox Review on the site.
  • There is no contact information or phone number.
  • Gmail ID appears to be an email from a domain that is free.
  • Content is copied from other sites
  • New site.
  • No return, shipping or refund information is provided.
  • A mere 1% trust score.

Is Hanger Boutique Legit?

After having discussed both the advantages and disadvantages you may be thinking Is the website legitimate or a scam? Let’s discuss the legitimate points.

  • Site Age The website was created on the 16th of November 2021. This means it’s just six month older.
  • trust score A business trust score is 58.8 which is quite low, with only one percent.
  • Social Media Social media: No presence on social media sites This is a negative signal.
  • Reviews There are just reviews that are positive Spadtox reviews on the site with a five-star rating.
  • Contact Information Contact Details: There is no contact number and the number is suspect.
  • Alexa rank:Ranked low #2,927,192, is based upon traffic engagement in the last 90 days.
  • High Quality Content Copy of content, and spelling errors.
  • Corporate Information There is no owner’s name or year for establishment.
  • Email ID: Free domain email ID that is not reliable.
  • The return and refund policy is not mentioned. There is no return or refund policy is specified and there isn’t any delivery timeframe.

After examining the points, your doubts are nil. However, before you can make a final decision is reached, it is important to learn first about the reviews on the website.

Spadtox Reviews :

The reviews of customers make websites 100% authentic by giving feedback about their experiences. We were unsure about the reviews on the website, as all reviews are

Positive, with a positive rating of five stars. There’s something wrong with the system as the authentic Id of customers is not present.

After extensive research We couldn’t locate any customer reviews on the internet. There aren’t any genuine reviews since the website is brand new, and the site was registered for just one year. Be alert! This could be the consequence of an internal reviewing system.


After a thorough investigation of Spadtox Reviews After a thorough investigation on Spadtox Reviews, we have concluded that the website is fraudulent and the product is a fake because we’ve never seen the product on any other website.

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