Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken – What exactly is Wings Crispy Chicken?

Taco Bell needs no introduction since it’s a global fast-food chain that is famous for its mouthwatering tacos. But, there’s an opportunity for vegetarian customers of the fast-food chain as it is announcing the addition of the chicken wings menu however, only for a week only.

The fast-food chain has revealed the latest addition to their menu, which will be available for a brief time, and their faithful customers are excited to avail the exclusive offers shortly after the launch.

Customers in America United States can join the Taco Bell Rewards members through the app. Members will receive Free Doritos Tacos together with the Taco Bell wings Crispy chicken for a period of one week.

What exactly is Wings Crispy Chicken?

Beginning on the 6th January 2022, Thursday, and for a brief period, Taco Bell consumers can purchase the crisp bone-in chicken wings available at 2 pm. But, the crispy chicken is now available on the menu at a certain participating restaurant across the United States.

The menu is special and includes five varieties of chicken wings seasoned with Mexican Queso seasoning, and they’re served with the spicy signature ranch dip. The exclusive item on the menu is available at 2 pm.

Five pieces in chicken wings comes to $5.99 The customers have to purchase it fast since it’s only available for just one week.

Where can I find Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken Near You?

To find the closest location to the offer You must go to Taco Bell’s official site Taco Bell and enter the zip code for your area.

A statement was released in which the spokesperson of the company stated that chicken wings will only be available at participating locations in America.

Customers can follow the fast-food restaurant on Twitter and find out more information about the restaurants and the locations that Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken is available. Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken is sold with special offers and discounts.

What’s more Taco Bell Has to Offer?

Alongside the chicken wings, patrons are also able to enjoy other tasty dishes on the menu throughout the week.

Customers looking to sample other options other than chicken wings should pick up the Fiesta Veggie Burrito, Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa as well as a brand new Island Berry Freezer drink.

Additionally, the company launched an online taco subscription in which customers can avail the opportunity to get daily for a free taco at least 30 days apart from Taco Bell’s Crispy Wings Chicken.

People who are looking for Taco Lover’s Pass can also purchase it. Taco Lover’s Pass can also purchase the pass through the application or website for the cost of $10.


Taco Bell is the fast-food establishment that is known for its tasty tacos. However, recently the chain of restaurants has revealed plans to add a brand new menu item in order to draw non-vegetarian customers.

The offer is only available to customers who are able to grab your Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken for a week starting on the 6th January 2022 at 2 pm.

In addition to the wings from chicken There are also other unique dishes that guests can try in the restaurant. Be aware that crispy wings of chicken are available only in select restaurants.

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