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Do you regularly shop online? Are you searching for top-quality hoodies or T-shirts? Do you also follow famous social media celebrities? If so, then you’ve been familiar with the name Technoblade. Therefore, please read this article further to know more about the relationship with this name and shopping.

In this article we’ve discussed some details about Technoblade and its related product site, for which customers around the world are looking for across the Web. We invite you to read more about reviews.

What is is an store which sells clothes bearing Technoblade’s logo. Technoblade. Technoblade is a well-known social media personality who mostly creates humorous videos about Minecraft. This site is said to be the platform for merchandise of Technoblade. The items that are available on this site include pullovers, t-shirts Hoodies, t-shirts, etc.


  • Web Type an online eCommerce site that sells clothes items such as hoodies and T-shirts.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address – 400, Roberts Road, Oldsmar, FL – 34677, USA
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • telephone number is not available. (This is an important fact that will affect your opinion about whether True?.)
  • Sorting and Filtering Options – Absent
  • Social Media Connection –Present
  • Prices of Products – in dollars (by by default).
  • Payment Options Payment Options Express checkout available through PayPal, Gpay PayPal shopspay, Gpay, as well as Amazon Pay.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service –Mentioned
  • Shipment Information Shipping Details Delivery time of about 28 days.
  • Returns and RefundsThe website is governed by a 30-day return policy. The time required to refund a customer isn’t specified.


Here we have highlighted the advantages of participating on this platform.

  • The policy makers have addressed all legal aspects in the policy.
  • The descriptions of the product are accurate.


Below , we’ve outlined the negatives to buying products from this site and affirming your Review. The cons are far higher than its positive features.

  • The design of the site appears undeveloped because all categories are not able to provide proper results. The currency-changing menu on the bottom of the homepage appears to be incorrect.
  • There aren’t any customer reviews on the website.
  • The details of the shipping aren’t available in accordance with the policy.
  • There is no number for customers to call to ask questions.
  • The amount of products available is quite low.
  • There’s no About Us section on this website, which means we are not sure if this is the official merchandise portal of Technoblade or another site.
  • A number of sections on the site contain the name of a different portal.

Is Legit

We’ve researched a few facts concerning the legitimacy of this site, as outlined below.

  • Website Age Website Age The website is 19 years old when it was created. date is August 5, 2002.
  • website trust index –80 percent This is an average Trust Score.
  • Index in Alexa Ranking in Alexa 377,149 which represents an average ranking.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews There isn’t a section on this site where customers are able to post reviews.
  • The Social Media presenceThe website is connected to Technoblade’s Twitter as well as YouTube accounts of Technoblade. These are however individuals’ profiles on the social media personality and do not contain any specific information regarding the site that sells the products. Concerning the Review it is a crucial piece of details.
  • Absent SectionsThe website doesn’t have the About Us section, nor the Shipping Policy. Additionally, there is no option for sorting or filtering items.
  • Contact InformationThe physical address is owned by another portal for e-commerce which is stated under the Contact Us section.
  • Content GenuinenessThroughout the policy’s wordings this website mentions the name of a different online marketplace. This means that the developers could be copying content directly from the source.

With the above information with us, we think that the platform in question is suspect. Reviews

When we searched for Technoblade review platforms such as Quora and Reddit We found information on the person, but not the website for e-commerce. Due because of the deficiency of a relevant section, there aren’t any reviews from customers on the site also. Since we’re unsure of the legitimacy of this website,

The Final Verdict

According to our findings, we recommend you look into this website after you have read the Review.

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