Top 10 Masternode Coin to Choose in 2022

Invest in the Best Masternode Projects [2022]

The blockchain industry involves an array of investment opportunities, including masternode projects. They will fit both novice and experienced investors. With the help of this review, you can learn the best masternode coins to invest in, and get legit and secure profits in 2022.

What Is Masternode Coin in Simple Words?

Masternode coins are part of cryptocurrency networks that employ a masternode structure. These coins are the native cryptocurrencies acquired as rewards by the masternode. Masternodes are in charge of confirming transactions and other network tasks, as well as sharing rewards for each block released on the network.

Differences Between Staking and Masternodes

When thinking of the best possible investment, a novice may come across staking. How does it differ from masternodes?

Staking is the practice of leaving funds locked in a wallet and linked to the network 24/7. It involves the validation of the transactions, creation of the new blocks, and distribution of new coins. In simple terms, it can be defined as a method of putting your cryptocurrency to work. Then, you can earn incentives for it. The creator of the next block gets stake rewards, and this creator is determined by their coin shares. 

There is no minimum amount necessary to engage in staking. The more coins you stake and the longer you stake them, the more likely you are to earn stake rewards. A good example of a coin to stake in 2022 is AVAX. It is a highly accepted coin listed on all major exchanges. You can convert BTC to AVAX or AVAX to SHIB on almost any platform. To earn rewards, you can lock up your AVAX coins in a wallet and leave it open to the network. 

A masternode is an additional layer of security for a crypto network. Its main function is to validate fresh blocks of transactions. It may also play various functions in blockchain governance. They involve hosting and maintenance of the complete blockchain, governance and voting rights, etc.

Compared to staking, you can receive more and bigger rewards with masternodes. Besides, staking requires a hot wallet that remains unlocked, while with masternodes, you may lock your coins and switch your hot wallet offline. As for the masternode reward payouts, they are likewise more predictable. 

Yet, both staking and masternodes have two things in common: 1) they are known as sources of passive income in the cryptocurrency sphere; 2) with the two, you lock a specific quantity of coins that bring you rewards.

What Are the Best Masternode Coins to Invest In 2022?

Now, let’s introduce you to the best crypto nodes to run 2022. Find their brief descriptions as well as a table covering possible income, limits, and a total supply of coins in the market based on December 2021.

  • Dash is a cryptocurrency that operates on a peer-to-peer decentralized network. It was created in 2014 as a fork of Litecoin.
  • ChainCoin is a masternode coin that began as a fork of Dash, with eleven hashing algorithms chained together.
  • SmartCash is a cryptocurrency created by the community and based on the zero cash protocol.
  • PIVX is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency derived from DASH that focuses on privacy.
  • Firo, originally known as Zcoin, is a cryptocurrency focused on privacy that uses zero-knowledge proofs to provide completely anonymous transactions.
  • Syscoin (SYS) is a digital currency that enables low-cost transactions and offers companies a secure trading platform.
  • MNPCoin is a cryptocurrency that functions similarly to a giftcard wallet.
  • Ethereum is a community-run platform that powers the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) as well as hundreds of decentralized apps.
  • Phore (PHR) is the Phore Blockchain’s native cryptocurrency and a proof-of-stake network that provides users with a block goal rate of 60 seconds.
  • XSN is digital money that can be programmed. It is Stakenet’s native coin, and it drives the network’s decentralized apps.
Masternode CoinsRequirementsMaximum Coin SupplyAnnual ROI
Dash (DASH) 1,000 DASH18,900,0005.84%
ChainCoin (CHC)1,000 CHC23,000,00060%
Smart Cash (SMART)100,000 SMART5,000,000,00031.55%
Pivx (PIVX)10,000 PIVXN/A8.65%
Firo (FIRO)1,000 FIRO1,968,75310.76%
Syscoin (SYS)100,000 SYS888,000,0005.36%
MNPCoin (MNP)10,000 MNPN/A159.24%
Ethereum 2.0 (ETH)32 ETHN/A5.3%
Phore (PHORE)10,000 PHOREN/A20.42%
Stakenet (XSN)15,000 XSNN/A14.42%

To Summarize

Masternodes are great for entering the blockchain industry and getting profit. You have a vast choice of coins and their unique rewards. Based on your preferences and reward expectations, you may pick any masternode coin for your future investment. 

Ensure to review the features of the preferred coin and check the fees involved in running a masternode with each. Finally, do not try to risk all your money if you have never practiced similar investments. Check tutorials or seek expert help.

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