Top 5 Video Editing Tips & Tricks for Beginners – 2022 Guide

In the modern epoch of enormous growth and advancement of modern technology, it has become imperative that we keep ourselves as upgraded as possible. Similar is the case with video editing. The first video editing machine, called the Moviola, was invented in the 1920s. Since then, there has been a lot of evolution in video making and video editing. In the following blog, we will try to discuss the top five tips and tricks that will help you in editing videos like professionals.

What is video editing?

Video editing is the process of engineering and repositioning video shots to give birth to a new video. Video editing is a crucial step in creating an innovative video as it works on merging the images and the sound in an orderly manner. Thus, video editing is an essential part of video making.

Top 5 video editing tips 

Here are the top five video editing and video making tips used by video makers. These steps can be used irrespective of the expertise level in video making and editing.

1. Right tool is the most important

The primary step to making a good video through editing it properly is choosing the right kind of software/tool. The right video editing tool will lead to an improved video-making experience for all the video makers and make the videos noteworthy. The things that video makers must consider while choosing the right tool are:

  • Digital Interface
  • User-friendliness 
  • Features offered
  • Usability and compatibility
  • Availability of Updates
  • Budget

As beginners, it is best to try as many video editing software and tools as one can to find the right software. A fast computer is also a necessity for making the video editing journey smooth and hassle-free. Therefore, an investment in faster storage drivers (SSD) will help to increase the speed of the computer and make the video editing experience much more fun and interesting. Other computer essentials include a higher capacity RAM, video card, video processor, dual monitor setup if possible, etc.

2. Look out for the time and pace

The next thing one must focus on is the time duration of the video and the pace of the same. As beginners, the video makers should always target to attract the audiences’ attention to make them watch the entire video. To make this possible, the first thing that one must avoid is making the video too long or too short. There should be a fine balance which is often missing from the beginner’s videos. This is because as one learns something new, they tend to implement all of it at once. The prime focus of this 2022 video editing guide is to let aspiring video makers know what they do that shouldn’t be done.

Keeping the videos short and crisp will capture the audience. So, as an aspiring video maker, one should keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep the videos brief
  • There is no need to apply all features in just one video
  • Keep the unnecessary video shots, like long pauses, irrelevant shots, gaps, in a way that disrupts the flow of the video
  • Critically review your work regularly to track your improvement

Sometimes, it can be difficult to let off a fine shot even though it is irrelevant to the purpose of the video. If the video has a fine-tuning time duration and portrays the essence in a brief time, viewers will be drawn to it automatically. So, one must keep practising as “Practice Makes Perfect”.

3. The balance between audio and visual

Following the importance of the time duration of a video is the balance between audio and visual in the same. In a video that is short and crisp, the viewers want the pictures to blend seamlessly and music to enhance the entire experience of watching the video. This should be the primary focus of the aspiring video makers. Here are the things one must keep in mind while focusing on making the video more eye-appealing:

  • Let the transition effects do their magic but don’t overdo it
  • Use the right music or background score because it helps the viewers to connect
  • Keep it natural
  • Concentrate on the effortless portrayal of the video’s message

Keeping these crucial tips in mind, aspiring video editors can polish their video editing skills and attract more viewers to their work.

4. Learn to Unlearn and Keep an Open Mind

One of the key things for any creative endeavour is to follow the mantra “Learn to Unlearn and Keep an Open Mind”. The case is the same with video editing. As an amateur video editor, one collects a wide range of information, and at the time, information can be conflicting. Therefore, here are some essential things that one must adhere to as a beginner in the field of video editing:

  • Watch as many video tutorials but be wise to retain only the information that will help you
  • Focus on learning new things and thoroughly explore the software that you are using
  • Obey the “321 Rule”. This rule implies: Make three copies of your work, keep them in two different places, and one of those places should be physically away from the other.
  • Get accustomed to keyboard shortcuts for your software
  • Learn new editing terms to understand the tutorial videos and the way of working in the video editing industry, like jump cuts, montage, cutting on action, cutaways, etc.

5. Let the creative juices flow

Last but not least, as video makers and video editors, one must let the creative juices guide the creation. It is what makes it natural and far more appealing. Therefore, keeping the fundamentals in mind, one must venture out of the box and create amazing videos trailing their instincts.


With the skilful implementation of these tips and tricks, one will be able to create amazing videos. As a video maker and an aspiring video editor, one should keep in mind that their video needs to tell a story, and it can be anything. In the end, the process of creation is a magnificent journey that one must enjoy the way they want.

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