Twinkle Heels Reviews – Summary Description of TwinkleHeels

When you hear the name TwinkleHeels You may have come across the website that sold women’s shoes. Did you know that there is a brand new website is up and running across the United Kingdom? Did you know it is a solely a retailer of toys? Did you go to the website and discover a myriad of toys for auction? Are you in search of toys for Christmas?

Before you make a purchase If you’re looking to learn more about TwinkleHeels’s services, check out this article on Twinkle Heels reviews.

Summary Description of TwinkleHeels:

TwinkleHeels is an online retailer that sells toys. There are more than 31400 items available on the site. In the About Us section of the website states that it is specifically designed to sell leather shoes. But, there aren’t any dolls’ shoes on the site.

The TwinkleHeels features:

  • Shop for products at
  • E-mail address: Customer service can be reached at [email protected]
  • URL:Not provided
  • Contact details: +44 7404 494105
  • Links to social media:No Social Media links can be found on
  • Privacy Policy: Mentioned. But, plagiarize. Plagiarized content within the policy will be checked to determine whether Twinkle Heels legal.
  • Owner’s information:Crucial information about the owner is not disclosed through the internet’s censorship system.
  • shipping: TwinkleHeels provides free shipping within the United Kingdom.
  • The delivery policy is:There is a 48 hour processing time, and a delivery timeframe between 3 and 7 days.
  • Tracking of the products: Information regarding sending the tracking number to the buyer is not provided. However, on TwinkleHeels customers can track purchases with the help of an email address and tracking number. address.
  • Returns and cancellations: The customer needs to email the customer to notify in the event of cancelling (or) return. There is the restocking cost of PS20. Twinkle Heels Reviews Twinkle Heels Reviewfound clients were instructed to pay the return shipping cost.
  • Return Policy It is required that the items be returned in their original packing and in a good and sanitary the original packaging. The refund is processed within 7 to 12 working days.
  • Pay modeTwinkleHeels accepts Stripe, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, CoD, and Apple Pay.

Possible Highlights

  • Many toys are available from brands.
  • A complete description of toys, as well as more than two photos are available.

negative highlights:

  • The process of obtaining a tracking number impossible.
  • CoD payment method that is mentioned on TwinkleHeels is in contradiction to the company’s payment policy.

Is Twinkle Heels Legit?

  • The creation of the Domain: TwinkleHeels came into existence on the 13th of Oct 20th, 2021, at the time of 00:00 hours.
  • Web Age TwinkleHeels are one month eleven days old.
  • Website Expiry Date:TwinkleHeels has a very short lifespan as it will expire on the 13th of October 2022 at 00:00.00 Hrs.
  • Trustworthiness TwinkleHeels only earned an average trust rank of 2% which is thought to be extremely poor.
  • Country of Origin:The country of origin is not available for TwinkleHeels.
  • DNS Blacklist StatusTwinkleHeels does not have any blacklisting engine. blacklisting engine.
  • Data Safety: TwinkleHeels transmits data via a safe HTTPS connection
  • proximity to Suspicious websites: The website may include malicious code, malware and threats to steal (or) damage user-facing devices. Twinkle Heels Reviews The HTML1 reviewscrutinizes the score 47/100.
  • Security Profile for Threats:TwinkleHeels received a score of 51 out of 100. The website is a target for malicious code that can get your personal data.
  • score for Phishing: TwinkleHeels score 5 out of 100 and may be able to be able to access your passwords, financial information, payment information or other personal information.
  • Malware score:It had scored 1/100 on the Malware profile This is a positive feature.
  • Spam ScoreTwinkleHeels might use the email you provide (or) number to send spam messages because it has been rated 51/100 on its spamming profile.
  • Social relationships: TwinkleHeels is not visible at Social Media, YouTube, FB, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

Review by customers

It has 19 Twinkle Heels Reviews discovered on a review site. Customers have rated the product at 1.9/5 stars which is a shambles. Some customers have complained that there was no confirmation email or order number that is provided to customers following the placing of an order and paying. The orders weren’t shipped. Customers have reported that it’s an untrue website and a fraud.

The review posted on YouTube is also an indication that TwinkleHeels may be a scam. There aren’t any reviews of products on or social media sites like FB, Instagram, Twitter and others. The Alexa rank is 2068418 which is thought as low.

Final Verdict:

TwinkleHeels has been launched in the last few days. Twinkle Heels Reviewsweighted the reviews to give a Trust score of 22 two percent and the Customer reviews indicated that they didn’t receive the merchandise. There is a high risk score, which indicates it’s not an authentic website. It is recommended to learn more on PayPal or Credit Card Scams as TwinkleHeels uses them as a method of payment.

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