ukraine war that waves of Russian-led attacks on infrastructure have left?

According to the European Union, it has enough gas for this winter. However, Russia could cut supplies further next year.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, stated that despite the actions taken, there might still be a gap of 30 billion cubic metres (bcm), of gas next year. She cited data from the International Energy Agency, which will be published today.

Sky’s defense and security editor, Sky, spotted two men while reporting from Odesa port. Their actions today could encapsulate courage in the face adversity with which the Ukrainian people are increasingly becoming synonymous…

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The Institute for the Study of War’s latest analysis of the conflict focuses on Belarus and how Moscow seeks to manipulate its ally at the border with Ukraine.

It states that Russian officials regularly conduct information operations suggesting Belarusian conventional ground troops might join Russia’s invasion.

These information operations are sometimes carried out by Belarusian leaders, including President Alexander Lukashenko. These efforts are designed to capture Ukrainian forces at the Belarusian frontier to stop them reinforcing Ukrainian operations in the theatre.

“Belarus has a very low likelihood of invading Ukraine in the near future, regardless of the outcome or course these information operations. Belarusian intervention would be limited to drawing Ukrainian ground forces from other theatres temporarily due to the very limited effective combat power Minsk has.

“The Kremlin’s attempts to press Belarus into supporting the Russian offensive campaign against Ukraine are part of a long-term effort at cementing its control over Belarus.

“ISW has previously determined that the Kremlin increased pressure on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in order to formalize Belarus’ integration into Union State after the Belarusian 2020 protests and the 2021 protests.”

Bice, an American pit bull terrier, has a vital job in Ukraine: comforting war-torn children.

The eight-year-old playful dog arrived at a rehabilitation center on the outskirts Kyiv this week and was ready to begin his duties.

Bice waited in a corridor. Inside what looked like a school room with paintings and books, twelve children sat around tables listening to Oksana Sipora, psychologist.

“Who has a dog?” She asked, and many hands were raised. The room erupted in shouts of “Me! Me!”

One boy claimed his dog was named Stitch while another stated that he had five dogs, but he forgot all their names. Everyone laughed.

The seven girls and nine boys, ranging from a young boy of two years to an adult man of 18 years old, look at first like they are learning a lesson.

They have their own stories. Some were there when Russian soldiers invaded their homes and beat their families. Others are the children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and sons of soldiers who served on the frontlines or were killed.

They meet at the Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation. This state-operated community center offers help for people dealing with traumas resulting from Russia’s invasion of February. Anyone who was affected by war can receive regular psychological therapy.

They have previously worked with horses but are now adding canine therapy.

Martin Griffiths, UN aid chief, has arrived in Ukraine for four days. Officials raced to fix energy facilities damaged by Russian air strikes which have resulted in winter power outages.

The under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator will visit the southern city of Mykolaiv along with the frontline city of Kherson, which was liberated last month, the United Nations said.

It said that “Griffiths” will be able to see the effects of the humanitarian response as well as new challenges that have arisen amid the freezing winter temperatures.

Kherson was captured by Russian forces in November. It had been under Russian occupation for nine months. He will now see how warm shelters have been set up to provide warmth and water to residents, in the event that they lose heat, power, or water.

In a statement, it stated that almost 18 million people (roughly 40% of Ukraine’s total population) need humanitarian assistance.

It stated that waves of Russian-led attacks on infrastructure have left “millions of people without heat, clean water, or electricity” and are causing a chilling winter.

Bakhmut, located in Donetsk, has witnessed some of the most devastating battles in the conflict in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin seems determined to secure the city, even though his forces have made slow advances in the face fierce Ukrainian resistance.

The destruction of buildings and infrastructure is a testament to the brutal battles that have engulfed a city that used to be the regional administrative centre but is now almost deserted.


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