Ukraine war United States believed that Russia?

The communications line between Russia and the United States was established at the beginning of Moscow’s war on Ukraine. It has only been used once, a US official said to Reuters. This was because the United States called the “deconfliction line” to express its concern about Russian military operations in the vicinity of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.
Reuters is the first news source to report on the deconfliction line’s use beyond regular testing.
We don’t know much about the incident that led to the call at the line connecting the US military’s European Command with Russia’s National Defense Management Center.
Although the official did not elaborate, he said that it was not used in the event of an errant missile landing in NATO-member Poland on November 15, killing two people. Although the blast was most likely caused by an air defense missile from Ukraine, Russia was ultimately responsible for the incident as it began the war in February, Natosaid said.
Although the US official did not specify the Russian activity that raised concern, it was publicly acknowledged that there were incidents of Russian fighting in the vicinity of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.
These Russian operations include those around Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuke power plant, Europe’s largest, which is under Russian command.
Russia may also threaten the Nova Kakhovka Dam, which is responsible for a large reservoir in south Ukraine. Ukraine expressed concern about this. The dam’s collapse would cause a flood of water to flood the area below, including the strategic regional capital Kherson. This was captured by Ukrainian forces on November 11.
The US-Russia communications have been under the microscope since Russia invaded its neighbor. This is because of the serious risk that either side may make a mistake and cause conflict between the nuclear-armed countries.
There are many ways to communicate
The deconfliction lines are just one way the US and Russia military still communicate.
There are rare high-level talks between Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, and Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister. His office stated that the top US and Russian generals, US Army Gen Mark Milley and Russian General Valery Gerrasimov, had spoken on two occasions each since the war began.
Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Advisor, and Bill Burns, CIA Director, have also been in contact with Russian officials.
Still, relations between the US and Russia are at their lowest point since Cold War. The US State Department stated Monday that Moscow had postponed talks at Cairo to resume nuclear weapons inspections. Russian foreign ministry confirmed that the talks had been postponed. Both sides did not give reasons.
When asked for comment, the Pentagon stated that it had several channels available to discuss critical security issues with Russia during an emergency or contingency. This was for the purpose of preventing miscalculations, military incidents and escalation.
A spokesperson for the Department of Defense said that they were encouraged by recent calls between senior DoD officials and Russian counterparts, and believed continued dialogue was crucial.
Requests for comment were not answered by the Russian embassy in Washington or its defense ministry Moscow.
There is no ‘complaint line’
The Pentagon stated that the deconfliction line was established to prevent any accidental clashes on the ground or in Natoairspace when it was first announced in March.
A senior US defense official stated that “it’s not meant as an all-purpose complaint phone where we can pick up the telephone and register concerns about Russia’s actions in Ukraine.”
During the Cold War, both the United States of America and the Soviet Union had such hot lines at various levels.
Alexander Vershbow is a former US Ambassador to Moscow, and a former top Pentagon and Natoofficial. He said that the new deconfliction line was intended to be focused on daily operations, rather than the more strategic conversations among high-ranking officials like Milley or Gerasimov.
Vershbow made a comparison with the much more active deconfliction lines for Syria, in which US and Russian military forces often operate in the same terrain or airspace.
Vershbow stated to Reuters that he had seen the same thing in Syria. “Having an operational channel can clarify intentions during a fast-moving environment where Washington may be asleep,” Vershbow said.
According to a US official, the deconfliction line gets tested twice daily using calls made in Russian. The official stated that these calls are initiated by a Russian speaker, who is part of the US European Command, from Wiesbaden (Germany).
Wiesbaden is also home to the Pentagon’s Security Assistance Group-Ukraine (or SAG-U), which supports the defense of the Kyiv government against Russian troops remotely.
Officials from the United States spoke on condition of anonymity to say that they believed that the deconfliction line was useful early in conflict planning if the United States had to evacuate its citizens from the Russian-occupied territory in Ukraine.
The United States believed that Russia could quickly capture Ukrainian territory and trap American citizens before they could leave.
According to one official, it could also have been used in the event that a Russian fighter jet chased an Ukrainian aircraft into Polish airspace or if a Russian missile crossed Natoairspace.


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