Ukraine’s there was an electricity tent and a television?

These stations have been set up in Ukraine to provide help for residents who are experiencing power outages, heat and water.

Markovnikov (78) has had to move several times. After Russian-backed separatists took over eastern Donbas, Markovnikov recalled how he was forced from his home. He fled Bucha, his adopted hometown, earlier this year on foot across the front line to Kyiv. This was after Russian-backed separatists seized territory in the eastern Donbas region. He was eventually able to return to his home but it isn’t always easy to live there.

Markovnikov said, “My neighbours informed me there was an electricity tent and a television, and I went to have a look,” while he searched Monday’s soccer World Cup match between South Korea and Ghana. He also stated that he didn’t have power at home. “We still believe. “We still believe. The website also features an online map that can be used to locate helpless citizens.

As of Friday, 67,000 people had received help from them. More could come in if more Russian strikes are imminent, as President Volodymyr Zilenskyy and other experts have warned.

These centres, often made up of smaller, insulated tents that are no bigger than a schoolroom, were set up just as Russian forces launched a series of large airstrikes against many Ukrainians.
These centres act as a temporary solution while utility crews try to repair cut power lines and bring water mains back in operation. This will allow basic services to be restored to households and businesses.

DTEK, the power company, said Monday that controlled outages were continuing in Kyiv to help balance the weakening power system and prevent other breakdowns. It also ensured electricity to hospitals as well as heat-pumping stations.

The city had only 42% of its power available to households. “We do our best to provide light for each customer for 2 to 3-hours twice daily,” the company stated.

Teens had a snowball fight outside the “Point of Invincibility”, which is located on an esplanade just in front of a Bucha sports center. A guitarist played his guitar in an inflatable tent.

Children sat in their chairs, playing Roblox on their mobile phones. Older women sat silently to pass the time. As staffers made hot tea, a young girl held her dog and waited for the honey to be added.

“Points of Invincibility,” a public service that is free and not charged for, offer an alternative to many coffee shops and restaurants that have turned into hubs for internet access and the warmth of Ukrainians who are looking for refuge from the dark and cold in their homes.

Mykola Pestikov (26-year-old Bucha resident) sat down in front of his computer. “These could be cafes that use energy from other places or I look to find a point’ like now.” Yuri Mikhailovskiy (a firefighter who runs the site), showed a ledger showing that more than 1,000 people had visited the centre since its opening 10 days ago in Bucha. Electricity is scarce or nonexistent in many homes in Bucha.


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