Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code What codes are in Murder mystery Fortnite?

Are you a Fortnite player and looking for cool codes? We have you covered. Many players worldwide, including those from the United Kingdom and the United States are looking for the Fortnite murder mystery codes. These codes allow players to gain some special items and benefits while playing Fortnite.

This article will cover different Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite.

What codes are in Murder mystery Fortnite?

Different maps have different codes. These codes offer some benefits that will help players complete the different modes.

These codes can be used to create different maps.

  • 2775 2697 86114 for The blackout – Hunted
  • 0203 9687.0056 for The Nightmare Forest
  • 9736 4845 6318 For Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery
  • 6571 0741 2073 For Pro Murder Mystery
  • 4937 3733 1628 Night Hunter – Sacrifice
  • 1893 1509 8081 For Minecraft Murder Mystery
  • 5893 2263 5634 Murder Swamp
  • Gaming House: 9850 2841 2309

Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Maps with their descriptions

The Blackout Hunted

If you’re a survivor on this map, you will need to collect resources in order to escape the master computer. You must stop survivors fleeing if you’re a hunter.

Nightmare forest

You must find a way out of this map. You will need to accomplish some tasks in order to obtain gear.

Mystery of the Bloody Mines Murder –

This map will show you how to keep safe from the murderer at an abandoned mine.

Other Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Maps

Pro Murder Mystery – 8 roles

This map is different from other maps. You will be given 8 roles such as detective, witch, detective, murderer, clow, peely, seer or skelton. To win and support your team, you must use your special talents.

Night Hunter Sacrifice

This map is both a horror and a killer map. You must stay alive until dawn to avoid being hunted.

Gaming House Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code

Five players are permitted on this map. The Murderers must be found in the darkness using your flashlight.


We have provided information about the latest codes for Murder Mystery Fortnite, as well as the maps and codes. We will also give you information about the various maps in order to help you get a better idea of the game.

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