US Congress set to debate this change for Green Cards?

The White House supported the US Congress in passing a law to seek out

The bill was approved by the US House Judiciary Committee on April 20, 2022. It will now face Congress. According to PTI, the law will be beneficial for lakhs of immigrants, particularly Indian-Americans, once it is passed.

The US only issues 1.4 lakh green cards each year, and each country is subject to a 7% limit. This means that only 9800 people are eligible to receive Green cards. This causes a backlog if applicants from one country exceed the cap. Green card petitions beyond the cap will not be considered unless they fall within the initial 7% per nation cap.

The EAGLE Act would remove the per-country limit on employment-based green card applications. It proposes to phase out per-country caps over nine years so that less-populated countries can have eligible immigrants.

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