‘US-Pakistan tensions: What next for erstwhile allies?’

London [UK], December 8, 2008 (ANI): The relationship of the United States with Pakistan is long been turbulent. Is the current momentum between Islamabad & Washington a result of geopolitical necessity or is it just a new trend?
The Democracy Forum , a London-based think-tank, assembled a panel consisting of experts. They discussed the relations in the online seminar entitled ‘US- Pakistan tensions. What next for former allies?
In his opening remarks, TDF President Lord Bruce emphasized the “flurry of diplomatic activities” that followed the collapse of Imran Khan’s administration in April and the assumption by Shehbaz Shariff’s coalition Government.
He gave the example of the Biden administration hosting several high-level missions involving senior military personnel, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (the foreign minister), whose visit coincided the announcement of a USD450m grant to renovate the F-16 fighter jets of the Pakistan Airforce.
However, despite all the diplomatic gestures, recalibration is unlikely to be an easy process. This was due to the ‘unfortunate timing’ of Bhutto Zardari’s visit to Washington. It coincided with the visit of S Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister. Jaishankar publicly lambasted the F-16 agreement and called Washington’s alliance with Islamabad a relationship that ‘has neither served Pakistan very well nor served American interests’.
After President Biden’s mistaken comment that Pakistan was’maybe the most dangerous nation in the world’ and possessed of nuclear arms without any cohesion’ in an October statement, General Bajwa, the head of the Pakistan military, visited Washington in October. This appears to have provided no assurance to Biden about Pakistan stability, said Lord Bruce.
Bajwa’s successor, General Munir inherits much-unfinished work as he attempts to improve relations with the US and engage China. This will be a major challenge to the US Indo-Pacific strategy, and increase tensions between the US and Pakistan .
However, Pakistan’s relationships with Washington are far from stable. Former President Imran Khan acknowledged the need for good relations between Pakistan and the United States. Khan said that ties were likened to a master-servant or master-slave relationship.
Lord Bruce ended by referring to commentator Syed Ali’s observation, that US policymakers would be well-advised to adopt a Pakistan Strategy that transcends the need for personal relationships with individual rulers and instead creates an easier base for bilateral engagement.
The US’s view on Pakistan is discussed by Wajid A.Syed, US Correspondent at GEO TV, and The News. He said that America wants to keep its relationship with Pakistan as it is now. This is because Pakistan was an economically weak state that took advantage its strategic location. Pakistan was always viewed through the lens of other countries, eg “Af-Pak” – meaning that to do anything in Afghanistan it was necessary to go through Pakistan.
Syed said that the US failed to strengthen and develop bilateral ties to support the civilian government and promote democratic values. This was mainly due to Pakistan’s internal political inequalities and infighting for control, as well as increased anti-Americanism.
Concerning the current US administration: Biden has known Pakistan for as long as he’s been in Congress, and his attitude toward the country reflects this. America was angry at the evidence of betrayal that Osama Bin Laden was found in Abbottabad. This double-dealing has caused tension between the two countries.
Syed called attention to the US’s continued downgrading of ties under Donald Trump. This would result in the US focusing less on China and being more dependent on Pakistan. Syed said that the security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets is a major concern for the US. He also mentioned its internal instability, social/economic woes, such as an exploding population, food insecurity, and the religious-religious divide.
The relationship between the US and Pakistan has evolved from mistrust to total distrust to finding ways to cooperate on areas of mutual concern. However, the US relies on and supports other stakeholders for critical geopolitical issues, including India, Japan, and the UAE. These are the countries it prioritizes over Pakistan.

The South Asian section of the Indo-Pacific strategy excludes Pakistan. Syed concluded that the US- Pakistan relations were in “correction mode”, though Pakistan has seen its importance drop significantly.
Pakistan’s security relationships with the US were the main focus of Dr Ayesha Siddiqa (a Research Fellow at King’s College in London). She insists that the only relationship between the US and Pakistan is one of national security and military.
The very difficult situation that Imran Khan found himself in was a bad time in the US- Pakistan relations, which are far from where Pakistan would like it to be, that is, on par with US-Israel ties. Siddiqa claimed that what is being called a “bad patch” is actually a reassessment in the US-a href=”chrome-extension://oknpjjbmpnndlpmnhmekjpocepnlfdi/topic/pakistan”>Pakistan relationship. This is, however, on a par with US-Israel ties. This is why the 2022 American national strategy will be driven by this primary factor. Siddiqa stated that both sides were involved in reassessing their security relationship. It was not due to one leader, but because of things happening within the army establishment (GHQ). She mentioned General Bajwa’s famous “enough is enough” doctrine vis-a-vis the US. However, there has been a “gentle reassessment” of the relationship since Khan’s death.

This reassessment is due to the India factor. The US may be trying to send India a message that it can also’rebalance in South Asia’ by engaging in relations with Russia and maintaining an independent policy. The ‘four drivers’ US-Pakistan relationship – Afghanistan; counterterrorism; nuclear proliferation; China/ CPEC – has seen a reordering of goals driven by both sides’ needs.

So concluded Siddiqa. Pakistan It is currently struggling to reposition itself, and has a tactical divergence with both the US and China. China is its main source of weapons and is heavily dependent on the US for its economic growth.
Pervez Hoodbhoy, a Pakistani-based scientist, writer, and activist, brought attention to the growing mismatch of the two cultures. He is Western-liberal. Pakistan i-Islamic – and its impact on state-level relations. He stated that US-American relations are the most important. Pakistan Relations refers to the relations between the US government & the Pakistan military.
The army of today, which is currently in operation Pakistan It is now a completely different army from the one it was in the first 20 years after Partition. In those days, it shared values and values with the British and Indian armies. Today, however, it is culturally and sociologically distinct and views India as a civilisational adversary. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and its aftermath saw the army change its values, becoming more Islamic and radicalised. It was no longer a protector of territorial land but was also a defender ideological borders.
What was the reason for this? Pakistan What is the Army’s view of the US Change? Hoodbhoy asked. Hoodbhoy cited two reasons. The US considered India to be far more important than its position in the global world during the Clinton years. Pakistan Islamabad was disappointed. The second reason was the USSR’s collapse and its withdrawal from the region. Pakistan The mujahideen was used for foreign policy purposes.
Hoodbhoy saw the rise in religiosity among the lower ranks of army, which was behind the decline of US-A. Pakistan relations. Pakistan The paranoia that the US has only interest in the region is to snatch has been bought by the US. Pakistan Use nuclear weapons to destroy Islam Imran Khan This was the reason he blamed the US for his expulsion for supporting Islam.
Hoodbhoy said that anti-Americanism is so widespread and deep that it may even outweigh India in terms of the future. The level of vitriol it attracts from Pakistan He did not expect any change to occur soon.
Barry Gardiner, Chair of the TDF, stated that the military was, and has always been, the key to power at the end of the event. Pakistan. Its core principle is that close ties to the US are crucial. PakistanGeopolitical relevance is more important than ever during times of economic, political, and ecological crisis.
The US- Pakistan The relationship was based on military and anti-terrorism cooperation, strategic geopolitical influence within the region, and, being a third very poor, development, trade, and humanitarian investment.
Despite this, the US is committed to stability and investments for a long time. Pakistan It is moving towards collaboration with other regional partners – possibly as a response to Pakistan China has invested heavily in the United States, and the ties between them are strong. Pakistan Through CPEC, you can become Pakistan FDI’s most important source. (ANI)


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