US the lowest among presidents?

The US will vote in important midterm elections during President Joe Biden’s 4-year term. Although the vote is a referendum about Joe Biden’s term thus far, it occurs at a time when Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen to a record low. This is a concern for Democrats hoping to maintain their control over the US Congress.

At 40%, Joe Biden’s approval score is the lowest among presidents before their first midterm elections. Although almost all previous presidents experienced a decline in support within the first two years of their term, Biden’s approval rating is lower than those of his predecessors. This shows that Americans are dissatisfied with him.

The US economy could be one of the main contributors to the low approval ratings. The US economy continues to cope with the effects of the pandemic, as well as a spike in gas prices after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary, also mentioned the approval ratings.

People are tired all over the country. It is affecting their lives and how they work. She expressed concerns about their children’s ability to enjoy joyful activities in life, such as concerts and dining out with friends.

CNN reported that Joe Biden is also losing support among young voters, who are upset about inaction on climate change and healthcare, as well as student debt.


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