Vidcon 2023 – Why is Vidcon 2023 so exciting?

What do you know about Vidcon VidCon events attract a variety of people each year, including executives, fans, and videomakers. The event’s main draw is the appearance of internet video celebrities. The event’s flagship, VidCon United States celebrated its tenth year with 75,000 attendees and over 100 brand exhibitors. After a 3 year gap, Vidcon will be celebrating this year’s event due to Covid-19 pandemic problems.

To learn more about the Vidcon event, and the new schedule, please refer to the Vidcon2023 article.

Why is Vidcon 2023 so exciting?

VidCon 2022 took place in Anaheim, California from June 22 through June 25. People are thrilled to see their favorite creators at Vidcon Fest. The Vidcon team had to postpone their Sao Paulo event, Brazil, because of the omicron version of Covid-19. Continue reading to learn more about this great global event.

Vidcon Tickets 2022

The content creation event was delayed due to the Covid epidemic. After three years, Vidcon is back. Vidcon USA will be held in Anaheim, California from June 22 through June 25, 2022.

Creators of content are eager to share details about event tickets with their fans.

You can purchase tickets for Vidcon directly from the event’s site. Clients can choose from five different ticket types to attend the event.

Vidcon’s highest package is $899. Tickets cost anywhere from $69 to this amount. Here are the details about the Vidcon tickets 2022.

  • For those under 16 years old, the Chaperone (Community), tickets cost $139
  • A four-day pass for $149 is also available.
  • For $229, the Creator Track is available to aspiring creators.
  • Professionals in the industry can purchase the Industry Track for $899
  • Customers can also purchase a Friday or Saturday one-day pass for $69, which is in addition to the above.

Global event Vidcon

John Green and Hank Green were the original VidCon organizers. They are well-known as the “Vlogbrothers” and were purchased by Viacom (Paramount) in 2018. The Vidcon 2023 Sao Paulo date could not be set due to Covid-19’s omicron version. The California event continues with plenty of sparkles.

Vidcon USA 2022 will host some of the most prominent names in gaming, blogging and content production. The event will be attended by Brittany Broski and Charli D’Amelio as well as SZA and Brittany Black.

There will also be tons of guest speakers, including content creators and professionals from companies.


This concludes this write-up. We have acknowledged our readers regarding the Vidcon event and guestlist. To visit the official Vidcon website, please click this hyperlink.


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