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What games do you enjoy? Do you often play games? What is Among Us? Do you enjoy chocolates? Have you had a go at Among Us? If you’d like to learn more, keep reading this article.

Among Us is a game that was released at the beginning of the year 2018. It’s an online game that is multiplayer. The game has gained a large part of the attention across Mexico as well as other locations in the wake of the lockdown. A chocolate company has introduced the Vuala among Us packaging.

Among Us

The game Among Us is an internet-based game launched on the 15th of June, 2018. The game was created by a company named Innersloth. Marcus Bromander designed the game; Forest Willard programmed the game. He is also the game’s composer.

Among Us is a space themed multiplayer game. The theme of the game can be described as Social deduction and Party. In the game, teammates (players) must find the fakes and must eliminate the imposters and complete their task.

Imposters must be careful not to get removed, and their job is to stop crew members from fulfilling their objectives. Check out the article for more information about Vuala Between Us.

More Details

Its Android version and iOS game version Among Us was launched on June 15th, 2018. Then, in the last quarter of 2018 the Windows version became accessible. In 2020, the game will be available for download. are able to participate in Among Us on Nintendo Switch as well.

The game will be available on December 15th, 2020. game is now available on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox One.

The Mafia game was the basis to the game Among Us. There is there are a maximum of 15 or fourteen players are allowed to play. Of these, three players will be fakes during each round of the game. There are four locations for the game Vuala Between Us as well as the round is played in any of the four places.

The four locations are referred to as The Airship, The skeld spaceship, Polus an earth as well as MIRA HQ (the headquarters building). The Among Us attracted attention and acclaim in the wake of the global lockdown.

The price in the game

Different platforms have different the charges on the exact game may vary. Here is the list of prices that applies to Among Us games on other platforms.

  • On Mobile: Users can play this game from their mobile phones for no cost.
  • Nintendo Switch: $5
  • Playstation 4 and 5: $4.99
  • For Windows and Xbox: $4.99
  • For iOS For Apple Store: $5 is the price.

What Is Vuala Among Us ?

Vuala is a well-known chocolate company. They offer a range of items and their most loved item is their mini croissants that are choco-filled. They’ve unveiled their packaging and wrappers inspired from their Among Us game.


The sport Among Us has gained huge popularity recently. Everybody across Mexico as well across the globe loves the game. The game has a good reputation on verified sites like on Google and Apple stores, etc. The game Among Us is an online game that you can play on your phone with family members and other friends who live wherever.

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