Wagon Wheel Scam | What is the Wagon Wheel Method?

Local establishments in the United States has said that they believe that many restaurant workers used their Wagon Wheel Method to steal cash from businesses over the last three months. The incident was reported on the 20th of September 2021 and the police in the area arrested four people in different sections.

The restaurant says that four employees of the restaurant have been employing the typical industry fraud to steal funds from the establishment for a period of three months. The scam is commonly referred to by the name of The Wagon Wheel Scam. Continue reading to find out more about the fraud and the individuals who are involved in the fraud.

What is the Wagon Wheel Method?

It is known as the wheel Wheel scheme is a traditional method for committing frauds and frauds. If a client is seated for a meal, a waiter will arrive to take the order and they don’t just serve the food, but they will also serve a milkshake as complimentary.

When customers get their bill, they take out cash or use a credit card to pay. However, prior to making the payment, the server is clever and opens a brand new account and transfers the price of the milkshake from the original bill to a different one and closes the server . take the cost that the shake cost.

Who Are Involved in the Wagon Wheel Scam?

After reviewing, we discovered information about the four people who are suspected of being involved in the fraud. According to sources of the four employees who are part of fraud are

  • Katarina Zirdum, 31, Cape May
  • Bojan Balaban, 28, Seattle
  • Ana Galesic, 34, Cape May
  • Verginia Gheorghita, 27, Miami

They are employees of the city’s restaurant who are accused of conspiring and also for the crime of thescam. According to detectives and local policeofficers, these individuals have been involved in an act known as the Wagon Wheel Scam to steal a sum of $25,000 over three months.

How Does the Scam Work?

The scheme known as the wagon wheel is a common scam in the world of the hotel industry. It involves shifting the complimentary meals that servers are accountable for, distributing them with a variety of charges, and then taking the cost of the meal without the restaurant’s owner’s knowledge.

Following the investigation, police officers and Cape May Police Department found the above mentioned employees guilty of engaged in an act known as the The Wagon Wheel Scam by creating ghost checks.

The scammers were indicted for 2C:20-3a (third degree crime) and Conspire for Theft 2C:5-2A (1) and other charges.

How to Prevent the Wagon Wheel Method?

Restaurants are required to implement strategies to track and eliminate the actions and tactics which are often unnoticed. Data analytics is a platform that can help detect profitable behaviors through the application of smart analytics to sources of data, to gather data and inform restaurant owners about any suspicious activities.

Restaurant owners also need to learn the tricks regarding the best way to guard yourself from scams.


The Wagon Wheel scam targets a large number of restaurant patrons as well as the other customers who have been loyal to. Therefore, the restaurant’s city owner was the first to report the scam after identifying gain-seeking behavior of some employees. When the report was filed with the authorities, they conducted an investigation and discovered that four employees were involved in the scam , and they were accused under various sections.

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