Walmart is the largest private employer in the country and also its largest grocer?

A Walmart-backed start-up is trying to compete with companies that buy now and pay later.

According to a source, One is preparing to launch its own version for the payment service within the next year.

The source stated that One, which is owned by Walmart majority, would like to launch a service that customers could use on Walmart’s website, in stores and at other retailers. This was partly motivated by the more difficult economic environment and the feeling of inflation for consumers.

On Friday, shares of the buy now, pay late firm Affirm dropped. Walmart declined to comment.

One is entering the rapidly growing payment services category . While monthly retail sales continue to rise some Americans are showing signs of strain due to inflation which has driven up the costs of food, housing, and other necessities. These consumers may be more interested in alternative payment options to pay for their purchases. Customers can buy now and pay later to slowly pay off their purchase using fixed monthly payments that include interest.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon has spoken out about the pain of inflation for even more wealthy consumers. In the last two quarters, 75% of Walmart’s grocery market share gains have been driven by households earning over $100,000.

McMillon stated that customers feel stressed in a CNBC interview.

He said that customers are facing increased inflation pressure as they approach Christmas.

The Information first reported the news about Walmart-backed startup’s interest to buy now, and pay later.

Walmart is the largest private employer in the country and also its largest grocer. Many of its stores have offered financial services for years. Customers can access a money centre to get banking-related services such as printing checks and sending or receiving money. Many of these services are targeted at families with lower incomes who do not have credit histories or relationships with traditional banks.

Walmart took it one step further last year by funding a fintech startup with Ribbit Kapital, one the investment firms behind Robinhood. Walmart holds the largest stake in the fintech startup, although it is an independent venture. The board includes John Furner, Walmart U.S. CEO, and John David Rainey chief financial officer. Rainey, Walmart’s CFO, joined the board recently and was previously the CFO at PayPal.

It has grown since Walmart founded and backed it in early 2021. It bought two other fintech startups, One, and Even, for an undisclosed sum in the early part of this year. It took the name One and plans to become an all-in-one platform that allows consumers to manage their money.

Omer Ismail, the consumer bank manager at Goldman Sachs _, is leading one. The group also includes other Goldman veterans.

Affirm, Paypal and Klarna all offer their own versions of buy now, pay later. Apple announced plans to launch Apple Pay Later, a buy now, pay later option.

Affirm already offers customers the option of buying now and paying later at Walmart. It ended the layaway program ahead of last holiday season and replaced it by the buy now, repay later financing.


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