Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream ( may 2022 ) – What’s the debate?

What’s the latest controversy about what is the latest controversy over Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream? Check out the article for the truth. And keep in touch with us.

Are you an ice-cream fan? Do you like Walmart’s Ice cream? The government has declared Juneteenth as a national holiday to celebrate freedom and independence and people from Canada and the United States and Canada enjoy to mark this day with celebration.

After launching the brand new Ice cream, Walmart faced some controversies which led to the removal of from the shelves. Read this Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream controversy article to learn the reason Walmart is ready to take down the Ice Cream.

What’s the debate?

In honor of Juneteenth, Walmart has launched their new ice cream which is comprised of red velvet and cheesecake flavors. In a report on the FOX television stations, Walmart said that following the launch of their new ice cream they received many negative feedback from customers. They also apologized and pledged to eliminate the product.

Recently, on social media, pictures of Walmart Ice Cream went viral. The label was placed across the tub of ice cream that stated the purpose of the ice cream was created meant to celebrate and celebrate the American-African culture, emancipation and to inspire hope for the future. This was the Celebration version.

The consumers did however make accusations about that Julesteenth Ice cream Great Value and told the business that it’s wrong to earn money from events like this. The retailer was initially criticized for trying to increase profits on this kind of event, which is a celebration of the struggle of people of color to free themselves from slavery.

Is Juneteenth a holiday?

In honor of the 19th day of June in 1865 the date was designated Juneteenth. It was a day on which the Union soldiers learned the news that the slaved blacks of Galveston, Texas, were liberated from slavery, following their surrender to the Confederacy. It was the Emancipation Proclamation finally freed the slaves of Southern states. Southern States after two and one-half years.

Reaction of Bridge Walmart the day of Juneteenth Ice Cream :

Juneteenth is a day of serious concern that is a source of the recollection of a dark event. Building Resources in Diversity Growth of Employees (BRIDGE) stated in an email that it’s not humorous to make use of an important day to generate profits for your business. BRIDGE also asked if the company will launch an Ice Cream to remember of the Holocaust in the month of the 27th day of January, or to recollect the horrors of the genocide that took place in Rwanda in the seventh day of April. They can’t possibly launch. So why did they pick Juneteenth to launch their latest Ice cream?

After discussing Julyteenth’s Ice Cream, Excellent Value Let’s look at the date Juneteenth is considered to be an official holiday:

President Joe Biden signed a bill that created the Juneteenth National Independence Day last year. The federal government observed the holiday on Fridays because the 19th day of June in 2021, fell on a Saturday. Nine states have regarded Juneteenth as an official , paid holiday.

Are there any other Ice cream Walmart is preparing to introduce on a specific day?

Yes. To commemorate Pride Month, also in June, Walmart will launch their new edition of the celebration. This ice cream comprises of White Chocolate Ice Cream, with brownies and cherries.


Following controversy over the Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream controversy and the upcoming removal of their Ice Cream out of the marketplace. It was not right to take advantage of this solemn event to earn a profit.

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